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Everybody and their mother (literally) are suing somebody over some idiotic thing or another. Everybody wants a quick buck nowadays. I hope Pinkerton loses money on this.

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The Hexen textures look really nice! I hope some of the RPG mods will work with it.

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I was never able to play Tales of Vesperia. I’m excited to see how good it is, since a lot of people say it’s one of their favorites.

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Is it that David Cage was fired? Now that would be news worth celebrating.

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“Adult themed”, huh? When you grow up, you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter if it’s dark and gritty or colorful and light as long as the game is fun. Judging something solely on looks and dismissing it because it looks “kiddy” is something immature people do.

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I fapped

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Blah blah blah, shut up you racist.

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This article is written by two women. What a surprise. Women don’t want equality, they want superiority.

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I also tend to find myself leaning towards Nintendo, but you’ll miss out on some amazing exclusives if you skip out on Sony. God of War and Spider-Man were absolutely phenomenal, and I’ll bet there’ll be more amazing exclusives next gen, too. If you can, get both and revel in exclusive goodness from Sony and Nintendo.

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It’s not what was censored, it’s the fact that it was that it was censored at all.

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They’ve done stuff like this in the past. For example, Sony also censored BMX XXX when it came out, while Nintendo and Microsoft did not.

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Really? Where did they say that?

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If you truly believe that then you don’t know anything about the world.

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You’d think he would have outgrown temper tantrums a long time ago, but he just keeps crying.

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Yes, let’s ignore all the important real world issues to complain about things that in no way affect anyone unless they CHOOSE to be affected by it.

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CDPR offered him multiple contracts, like getting a percentage of all profits, but he’s the one that chose that particular contract. He only has himself to blame because he only wanted a quick buck, but now he’s running around saying how much CDPR owes him, which is nothing.

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This just proves how little you know about Mario games.

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You can play it on PC. No Xbox required.

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Well, duh. The controller only has four buttons and a d-pad. There are no games nowadays that use so few buttons. Even if you they let you use them for other games, there’s no way that you actually could. Why are people so upset about this? It’s painfully obvious from the beginning.

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