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I just google searched; ''new IP,'' and saw this image (it's pretty adorable. Cool pic! :P).

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"You need to take advantage of the large shared memory of the Wii U, the huge and very fast EDRAM section and the big CPU caches in the cores."

The proof is in the pudding (as Nano Assault for the Wii U showcases).

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Nintendo should embark upon this opportunity with their Wii U console.

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Where's Nintendo placed in all of this?

The Wii U offers BC with Wii software and accessories, you're allowed to play and own used games without paying a fee, and you can upload your digital Wii shop titles onto your Wii U.

Are ''specs'' that much of an issue? Shallow hearted, souless entities, who's idea of hardcore gaming revolves tech grunt, need to realize why these system measures are implemented in the first place. How do you...

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All the comments read like; ''Nvidia - so salty!'' regarding their stance (Nvidia) on the PS4. I'm beginning to believe that there's nothing Nintendo can do to appease the certain type of core demographic of gamers.

Misery enjoys company - and it's evident by the daily demeaning Wii U news articles.

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Questioning Nintendo's 1st/2nd output?

They supported the Wii (original) practically by themselves. It's not right stating otherwise.

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Nintendo's dependance on third parties is usually to void-fill, whereas the competition actually uses them to sell their own hardware.

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3DS? -_-

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''Wii Nu''

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Give the Wii a little credit.

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Offer an incentive for publishers to release content on your console, gosh dangit.

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Mark me down as a, ''plus1.''

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Is the water, boiling (joking)?

It's obvious that the Wii U isn't selling at the respected level that Nintendo deems is decent, though they have other gaming platforms earning them profits to alleviate the Wii U's short comings.

Bailing the Wii out during of its software drought (around 2007/08), is amazingly reminiscent of what's currently going on with their successor console. Problem is; Nintendoland isn't the catalyst type of software that W...

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Good sales will persuade Capcom to steer the franchise in the right direction.

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Things just got Epic for the Wii U, and its browser.

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Legend of; ''well said.''

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Always online consoles for the future, it seems.

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Powerful hardware (at the time), complemented with new IP's. I Shall I reiterate; "content is king.'' (or queen depending on the situation).

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Though I'm from the group of the few who couldn't play the game in its entirety, because of baby Mario's excessive crying (that's only if you failed often, and got damaged).

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Seemed like a good article too.

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