How you doin'?
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Lol. This guy is obviously trolling for fun.

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No. The Wii offers true online gaming...

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I've literally NEVER washed my eyes in my life. That sounds like a terrible idea, if you don't wear contacts.

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What a story, Mark...

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I loved the first free rental. I got two more for free because my sister and mom both bought Eclipse. If you buy movies at Walmart, you get $5 for Vudu. Lol. I just tell everyone to give me their Vudu money.

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I agree. I still play Move all the time. The people I know who have bought Kinect will bring it out only when friends come over. Otherwise, they're playing Halo: Reach, Gears of War, etc.

It really is a novelty item.

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Hugh Laurie has never once discussed gaming...

This article is BS!

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It's fine, man. I didn't get any of them. Lol. Like you said, adblocker helps. ;)

Other than the pop-ups, it's a great site.

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Yes! :D

I absolutely love it on PC. I'll be buying it for PS3 as well.

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I like BFBC2. The campaign was possibly the most mediocre campaign I've played in years, but the multi-player isn't bad. I still think Battlefield 2 is much better. (I'm not trying to be an elitist.) That's just how I feel. 64-player battles on BF2 were SO EPIC!

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Good Lord, that site has massive amounts of pop-ups!

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Exactly. I totally OWNED Psymon too! I was Griff.

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Those of you complaining about "dark"...

Did you ever get to the third peak on SSX 3? That was pretty dark. Lol.

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Congratulations, Rockstar!

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You are going to cum buckets, my friend.

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"Gears was the first FPS on consoels to do it..."


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Thank you, Pandamobile. That's exactly what it was.

Man, Uncharted 2 was gorgeous. I'd really like to see them use the MLAA from God of War 3 in this one though.

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This guy's wife is hotter than yours...

Your argument is invalid.

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Ah! I love it! I've gotten the first two on PC. I'm really debating getting the third on PS3. I'm sure the PC version will look the best, but I'm such a trophy whore. Lol.

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Not sure if serious...

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