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They could just have difficulty levels like a master quest mode for the hardcore, there's no need to kill an outstanding game.

Just have and easy mode which gives you 3x more health, dumb enemies, all items from start and maybe an ability to skip scenes.

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There is no point of this release for the simple fact "there is no online play"

When i saw that title, I have to admit I was pretty excited. Then I hear there's no online and I start to think "what's the point?"

It'll still be a good game but for how long can it keep you occupied without a decent challenge?

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Some of us don't give in to your terrible marketing, so we just get freeloaders and play the game when everyone else got it.

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I've been waiting so damn long for this game

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Ninja gaiden just targets a different crowd.

It's going after us 1990s arcade junkies, it's a game like metal slug. It's got flawless gameplay packed with non stop action, and an extremely poor plot. However this "breed" of gamer doesn't really care about plot, we've seen it all before. We're a type of "adreneline junkie" moving on to the next big challenge. Kind of like a drug addict needing higher doses to get high, we need higher doses of hard gameplay.

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They don't underrate, they just use a REAL system.

In their reviews a 5/10 means it's an average game, not brilliant, but not bad either. Now add 3 points to that (8) and you have a brilliant game.

9 would mean almost perfect in all areas, maybe missing out on a 10 for not pushing any boundaries. 10 should mean better than anything in direct competition with that genre(E.G it beats the best rival in every aspect and pusshes new boundaries). However they show how thes...

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I hope this is fake, I like the dashboard.

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I bought a ps3 for this game and I'm pretty disappointed, story was great, graphics were very good especially the atmosphere. However there was hardly any change in gameplay whatsoever.

E.g MGS1 was unprecedented, a masterpiece with very memorable characters.

MGS2 adds many new gameplay elements like hanging, first person shooting mode, stick ups on guards and of course better gfx and some pretty good characters (not in mgs1's league, but still memorable)

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Not even snake can compare to the athletic, overweight plumber :)

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Just what you need when you've had a bad day at work, A GOOD LAUGH!!!!!!!!

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Once again these reviews somehow upset people?

I don't understand how you people care, a story is something that can't be rated.

E.g Shakespeare's stories are meant to be phenomenal, however I think they're trash. This didn't change the guy who bought that book's opinion of it.

So it shouldn't change a gamers view either, you must play the game yourself to see if you like the story.

Also who the hell do these sites think they are? do they ...

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mine looks better than both of those, they should really change the settings and not use factory defaults.

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Game developers treat them like some sort of religion. It's not like someone is stealing the game or anything. Using the spoiler excuse is pointless too. If you're anything like me you'll be working during the day.

So most people will finish the game before you and post spoilers anyway, you can't win.

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Sigma has a higher resolution because there isn't half as much happeneing on-screen. However if microsoft were't so desparate to get NG2 out before MGS4, it may have had a 720p resolution.

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Since I'm a mindless drone I will now believe this game is average. I'll ignore all the awesome previews and trailers that I saw and I'll ignore all the previous mgs games that I loved to bits.

Oh and to these people who worship Metacritic and gamerankings like they're some kind of religion.


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Grow up you losers and go watch some footage of the game in action. I'm fed up of these people listening to these reviewers, they're just normal people like you and me.

If I'd have listened to these people I wouldn't have enjoyed half the games I own.

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I knew they'd implement it from the 1st time I played resident evil ZERO.

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So if they pull that crap on socom I'm going to end up not playing that too.

Why is rank so important?

I remember beating an admiral on socom II with little effort which obviously menat he was a rank up noob. It didn't bother me one bit because I chose the room and my friends were with me.

Rank is just a cool add-on which keeps you competitive and interested in trying to win. This in the end usually creates better teamwork and closer matches.

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Everyone complained about halo having too much colour and not looking like war. Now everyone is complaining about the war look and want more colour.

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I never have and never will buy a picture or theme, it's such a waste of money. Half of the best ones are free anyway e.g the GTA4 theme which I use.

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