In dire need of bright flashing lights and vibrant sounds


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The PC isn't? >.>

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Something tells me this guy sleeps at night on an American Flag bedspread....

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Thanks bro, and Now you Know...and Knowing is Half the Battle...

...GI JOE!!!

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With 2200 pages of dialogue + gameplay + faffing about time. I'd probably ballpark it anywhere from 20-30 hours, maybe even more.

That's a long ass time, and I can't freaking wait!

This and Brink are my only purchases until the Holiday Season.

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No, The SCAR-L is an Assault Rifle, it fires the intermediate 5.56 NATO round. There are two variations of the SCAR including the H (7.62 Battle Rifle Variant) and the L (See Above).

BFBC2 had it labeled an SMG incorrectly, as there is no SMG variant of the FN SCAR series of rifles.

In order to be a true Sub Machine Gun, it has to fire a pistol cartridge.

Believe it or not, The AK-74u isn't an SMG either, it's a Carbine variant of t...

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The only sucker I see here is you bro...

Minecraft is an exceptional game....

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I'm sick of douchebags calling people who play MW2 morons. =D

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Dear Japan


Sincerely the rest of the World!

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You should change your name to theonlytrollolking...

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Wow you certainly know how to act like a total jackass don't you.

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This was posted already...

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Yeah, and I'll be one of them ;)

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Looks fun, I might get this =)

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Someone's still under 14....

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I'm sorry, but MAG will never compare with Battlefield 3....

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Duplicate Article is Duplicate....

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I see what you did thar...

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Yes, cause we all know Uncharted invented open air markets -_-

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