In dire need of bright flashing lights and vibrant sounds


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Meh, it's a little of both in my opinion.

They're fun to have and they make you feel like you're contributing, plus they add diversity to the game.

But on the other hand some of them are entirely OP, if a single Killstreak can Cripple the Enemy Team, there's a problem.

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Unless you had the Retriever Perk.

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I miss you on TV Keith =(

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And they said you'd never earn a living playing video games...HA!

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I'd like to be mad at you because I'm from Louisiana....But that's probably true....

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I eagerly await Battlefirld 3 as well....but not nearly as much as Battlefield 3!=D

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He's been here longer though...

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What like your trolling?

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No, there really are two ways to spell the word, both are correct.

To be fair, the British version is older, but the American version is more widely accepted.

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Oh No?!

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I don't think too many people hate Sony, I know I don't.

It's more that they hate it's arrogant fanbase.

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A thought occurs to me regarding the many people complaining that Gamestop rips of developers....

Selling ANYTHING Second Hand cuts the developer/manufacturer out of the equation. THAT'S WHAT A SECOND HAND SALE IS!!!

If I bought a Car from a Ford Dealership, and I sell it to a used car lot 4 years later because I want money for a new car of my own.

The Car Lot sells it to another person for likely double what they gave me to buy it, and t...

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"I've got 6 gallons of drinkable water to last me a week....

Better drink my own piss first..."

- Bear Grylls

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Yeah, California also has twice the industry, and twice the agriculture that Virginia does...face it dude, Virginia Sucks, the only reason you guys even matter anymore is you have coal...lots and lots of coal...

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More like First 14, but still, this looks really damn good.

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By invading and occupying a city, that gives a huge tactical advantage especially to an invading faction, because once a city is occupied it can be used as a platform for more attacks.

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