In dire need of bright flashing lights and vibrant sounds


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Adopt one anyway, everyone needs a puppy! =)

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...No....NO!!! DEAR GOD ITS...IT'S......MOE FACE!!!


No seriously, that shit's getting old....

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^ lololololol

Tack that was funny, bubbles for the laughs

Gelmists.....I gotta say, saying her voice sucks doesn't really make a convincing argument as to why she sucks as a explanation besides your obvious hatred would be nice.....

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Please Bring Tali back....she's my favorite character.

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The only loser I see here is you bro, acting like a king because you own a damn piece of electronics.

Grow up kid.

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Yes Yes YES!!!

I've been waiting for more ME3 info, and lo and behold, here it is, FINALLY!!!

Hopefully they'll reveal some of the new characters, or at least inform us if some other characters will be returning...

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and Updawg

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Oh that Yahtzee, what a character he is!

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Mark Stone

Richard Steele

John Fist!

...Ok I just made these up....

As far as Manly Names that sound like they could be real, I'd toss my vote to Sam Fisher.

As far as names that don't sound real, My vote goes to Kratos, just hearing it sounds like some bad shits gonna go down.

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That's damn good photoshop if you ask me...

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Really....have we sunk so low....

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Yikes....I play like 4-5 hours a day on the weekends....and that's on a GOOD day.

On the weekdays...fuck....I don't even think I play at all on weekdays anymore....

I hope you take periodic breaks, having your eyes focus on a light source like that for long periods of time will give you serious vision problems, I have a friend with a similar situation as yours, and his vision has deteriorated from 20/20 to 20/100 in a shocking amount of time.

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But will it blend?

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If it wasn't.....God help us....God help us....D=

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But then it would lose 75% of it's userbase....that wouldn't be fun =(

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Your a moron -_-

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And the award for most batshit insane comment of the day goes to....theonlylolking!

Come down and get your prize!

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Persona 5?

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