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I don't have a 360 yet (but Bioshock sure is making me consider it). How is the picture on downloadable HD movies on an Elite using HDMI? Also, I assume the downloadble HD movies come with a DD 5.1 track, correct? How's the sound using an optical connection?

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as to which U.S. retailers pushed their dates back? I did a quick search of Gamestop/EB and Amazon and still see the date as August 28th.

A delay to November 30th is an xbox fanboy's dream, but it's just not going to happen. The game went through an extensive beta in May-June and it was in great shape then, with no game-breaking issues. Anyone who particpated in the beta can tell you that the game did not need an additional 5 months of development (July-August-September-Octo...

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You go ahead and play that crappy DLC in 2009 while the rest of the world plays RE5, Silent Hill 5, Gears 2, R:FOM 2, GT5 and every other 2nd and 3rd generation games on the 360 and PS3.

Like I said above, if I were M$, I'd ask for a refund. 50 million for DLC that won't be released until 2009, and maybe 2010 for the second DLC? Right....

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What makes this important news is the brand-recognition that TIVO has garnered over the years. There are millions of TIVO addicts who can not watch TV without a TIVO. TIVO Series units are notoriously expensive. If you tell these people who want to upgrade from a Series 1 or 2 that you can buy a PS3 that acts as a TIVO unit, is also a Blue-Ray player, next-generation gaming console, home media PC, etc. for $500 (less than some Series 3 TIVO units) what do you think will happen?

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on that $50 mil it paid for Downloadable Content. At this pace, by the time Rockstar releases that junk people will be playing Gears 2 on their 360s and R:FOM 2 on their PS3s to even care. Not to mention that by that point games on the 360 and the PS3 will probably make GTAIV look like a crappy xbox or Ps2 game.

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he said the iPhone was worth $600.

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Did you read his post? After he confirms that the review is real, he actually says to a poster "Burns, eh?".

This supposed "EGM editor" appears to actually be GLOATING that he gave Lair such low review scores. The guy is actually rubbing in the bad review in the face of a PS3 owner.

If that is not the most digusting example of total fanboyism by a gaming publication, I don't know what is. They're entitled to their professional opinion. Giv...

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Please use paragraphs, periods and spaces between sentences next time.

On another note, fake or not, it's one review by a kiddie gaming magazine. Let's wait until we see some reviews from the more respected publications before passing judgment.

That is, of course, unless you're one of THOSE that are just itching for any game on the PS3 to fail horribly, in which case, have a ball with the EGM review since no good review will convince you otherwise.

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I thought it looked amazing. In fact, I thought it was one of the best videos yet and it was MP footage, which is typically worse-looking than single player. The frame rate looked like it was rock solid too. And unless my eyes were deceiving me, it was running at 60 fps.

At first I thought it was on the 360, since that is the lead platform. I am shocked to find it was running on the PS3. This makes me believe that the two versions will indeed look and play the same--perha...

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we may be looking at the beginning of the end of the GTA era, at least for the foreseeable future anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if GTA IV is the only new GTA title this generation, and what we see is episodic content released on the 360.

Rockstar has a new Board of Directors and, it appears, wants to take the company in a new direction. I would venture to guess this new IP will be unlike anything Rockstar has done before. Time will tell...

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this title will not sell well on the PS3. It's going head-to-head with Heavenly Sword. I don't understand the rationale for such a decision. Guess they figured the bulk of their sales will be on the 360 anyways.

If it turns out to be good, perhaps it will become a PS3 sleeper hit... we'll see.

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Lair Aug. 14, followed by Warhawk on Aug. 28 and then HS on Sept. 4...

Sleep is soooo overrated.

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These are the best graphics I've ever seen in any game. That picture of the Benz in the town square is beyond words. Photo-realistic graphics have finally been achieved in a game.

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HS Demo rocks!

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is pre-order material. Yes, it's that good.

The demo was short, but I'm sold. What I like best, believe it or not, is the cinematic quality of the whole damn thing. It feels like you're controlling the lead actress in a movie. The motion of the characters' faces is amazingly realistic, better than any other game I've seen (including Half-Life 2).

It's not just kill 5 men, move on, kill 10 more men, move on, repeat. The presentation and cinematic quality of...

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Awesome. I had no idea the game was so far along. They sure did a good job of keeping this amazing game quiet before springing it upon us in the last 2 months.

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At least now we know why Sony wasn't showing off or advertising Lair more during E3...

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It seems we have to let EPIC know we want it. So get to it!

If the PS3 version does end up supporting mouse&keyboard, as has already been mentioned by EPIC, and EPIC makes sure all cross-platform multiplayer games run at the same speed, why not?

PS3 vs. PC. Epic battle!

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I'm not sure why so many Xbox fans think this can not happen. Like it or not, Sony and Epic have all of a sudden become partners in a very significant deal. Phil Harrison mentioned it was a "multi-part deal" yet he mentioned only one 2 parts of that deal--1) UT3 a time exclusive on consoles (PS3) and 2) the optimazation of the Unreal engine on PS3 through cooperation between Sony and Epic.

Is it really that hard to believe after that shocking announcement, that a th...

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Real life, owned! lol

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