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From the opening movie-quality, underwater shots to the terrific climax, this game grabs hold of you and doesn't let up. The graphics and AI are the best I've ever seen on a console. This is the first game, in my opinion, that truly shows off the power of the PS3... and in the PS3's first year!

The plot is a classic Indiana Jones style romp that is better than 90% of the plots in movies I've seen this year (I'm looking at you Spiderman 3).

Over the past few wee...

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Sales reports from some small, back-asswards county in north Florida?

Come on guys, at least TRY to submit some decent news once in a while.

(and if this is flame bait because it says "Playstation 2", then... weak.)

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This game is a great, unique, genre-breaking experience that deserves a 9+. Learn to expand your horizons, noobs and haters. Not all games have to be a sci-fi FPS in outer space with ridiculously disproportionate "space marines" battling the evil forces of Skelator or some crazy made-up villain.

God forbid a game actually break from the FPS mold and deliver a unique gaming experience based on real-life historical characters.

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It's GOTY for me. I only wish it has a screen capture utility, because there so many times I wanted to take a pic to use as a wallpaper, but couldn't.

From the opening underwater scenes, it feels like a Hollywood blockbuster. In Chapter 4, at the large waterfall area (a little past where the demo ends), I just stood for 5 minutes staring at the graphics. The textures on the old dilapidated bridge you are jumping on, especially the arches of the bridge when you get close are ...

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I think you WILL see UT3 before Christmas. How can Epic pass up on the Christmas season with no competition on the PS3 from another FPS? (CoD4 is a different game). Epic will find a way to ship it before Christmas, count on it.

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Uncharted and Assassin's Creed in one weekend. Time to break out the Red Bull for an extended gaming marathon. Who needs sleep anyways?

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after playing Assassin's Creed for 4 hours and walking around Damascus interacting with and ganking highly detailed NPCs, the pedestrians in GTAIV look like they belong on the Gamecube.

Edit: Took a look at the screens again. The game looks like crap to me now. The delay has definitely NOT been kind to GTAIV.

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to see the reaction of some around here whenever anyone has anything nice (and true) to say about the PS3...

It's like a litmus test to identify 360 fanboys.

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Silent Hill: Origins for my PSP. Ah screw it, I'm buying it too. Sleep is vastly overrated.

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Love your posts man, but what the hell are you waiting for?!? Go get that PS3 now! :)

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I bought it, played it and beat it on the PC.

The cake is not a lie: EA sucks.

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Seeing the amount of emotion about a damn demo bodes well for this game. GOTY contender indeed.

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If indeed it was region-locked to prevent an overload of the US servers, so what? Seems reasonable to me. No reasonable person should expect Sony to build and maintain their US servers so that the entire free world has access to it. All that would have done is crash the servers so no one would get it, and then EVERYONE would be pissed.

To those that might argue that Sony should have made the demo available in all regions simultaneously, just keep in mind that that's Naughty ...

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do they have next-generation sharks with fricking-laser beams on their heads?!?

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and comments like this from the developers will finally shut-up the lazy developers who whine that the PS3 is harder to develop for.

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and I've used it in some form or another (Blue-ray, games, music) at least every other day. It has so many features, that even when the game selection was slim post-launch, you would just use one of the other features.

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It implies that Sony initially and purposefully mislead people into thinking the 40 gig used 65nm chips, which is simply false.


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the ultra liberal Boston Herald gave the game an "A" because the story bashed President Bush and the United States. Right.... Perhaps they should have, you know, mentioned how the game actually plays, graphics, etc.

Hey game designers, please keep politics out of our games or I won't buy it. Thank you.

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that other player in the MGS4 demo video a few weeks back. They have taken "suck" to a whole new level...

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this game is going to be better than expected. Perhaps even run away with GOTY.

Of course, I also thought the Dolphins would finish 9-7. Let's go #1 draft pick in 08!

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