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Technoviking is pleased with Insomniac's offer...

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It's just Bloodmask being Bloodmask yet again.

In a few minutes someone else will post a story on how the PS3 is catching the 360. It's been happening all week since the NPD numbers were released. This site is a cesspool of fanboys.

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This is looking pretty good...

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And will make me want to buy more Blu-Ray movies...

Edit: The connectivity between the PS3 and PSP becomes more amazing every day. This ain't no gimmick.

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[email protected] real soft-core porno mags. Only possible with the power of teh cell!

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Damn it Favre, you better not let us down!

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It would have been nice for him to tell us it was delayed until ???

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Some of the worst writing I've ever seen. From the poor paragraph structure to the nonsensical arguments, this article is total garbage. It should have never been approved.

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this will be the single best year for games of any console EVER.

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Vader can only be rendered using the power of the PS3!


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"We've spent countless dollars in research and development of our HD-DVD players, so HD-DVD CAN'T be dead. It will live until we recoup our money, then it can die. Sayonara baby!"

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over MGS4? Ummm, no.

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they would release a stand-alone Blu-Ray player for the 360 and, if they do end up releasing an Ultimate 360, have it come with a Blu-Ray player instead of HD-DVD.

Of course, they could care less, so it will never happen. Hell, they didn't even support HD-DVD entirely.

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"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry to if it happened to you..."

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Nice timing there Warner, announcing your abandoning HD-DVD just before the HD-DVD "progression" party"... lol. Poor Toshiba, it got stood-up big time, kinda like an ugly chick at her Senior Prom.

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The 360 doesn't need yet another damn SKU, and especially not a top-of-the-line model since it already has the Elite. First the Elite, then the Ultimate, what's next, the Pinnacle?

What the 360 needs is a 2008 software lineup to rival Sony's 2008 lineup, which at the moment takes a big fat dump on the 360's 2008 lineup.

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That looks kick ass. Maybe we'll finally get a limited edition version of a game that is worth a damn.

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competition among the different platforms is healthy for the entire videogame industry and assures that you will see great games no matter what platform you are on.

Perfect example: What innovations did EA make to its Madden Football "Cash Cow" franchise during the 3 years it had exclusivity from the NFL--and thus no competition from 2K Sports?


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but not the 360 console itself as driving sales.


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