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I've read that the PS3 has warmer colors. Now we hear the 360 version has a more "clinical element". So I'm a nerd and I looked the word up in the Cambridge dictionary (since Houser's a Brit):

Clinical: 2 lacking in character and warmth:
"We were going to paint our kitchen white, but we decided that would look too clinical."


Gamespot doesn't even hide TRY to hide it's anti-Sony stance anymore. Check out his quote from the article:

"In actuality, the tweaked controls make it easier to notice a variety of other fundamental flaws."

So Gamespot is actually saying that the new analog controls have somehow made the game WORSE by introducing (or making the gamer aware of) even MORE flaws with the game than Gamespot found before?

So Gamespot's big beef with the game was t...

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I'm not talking about custom soundtracks. That's always been there. At one point R* announced that you would be able to play your mp3s and other sounds THROUGH your cell phone. The music would sound like its coming from your cell phone, would pause when you got a call, etc. That's clearly not the same thing as a custom soundtrack that plays over everything you are doing endlessly.

Since the PS3 can't play custom tracks in-game (not yet anyways), it was thought this was a 360-...

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"You can make work joy girls" means, but it sounds like my kind of game! Bring it on R*!

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The game has a ton of hours of in-game music, but it's not UNLIMITED. If they allowed you to play the same music on your cell phone that you could play in your car, you would go through the entire catalog of in-game music fairly quickly and might get bored of it too soon.

If anything, the removal of this feature affects the 360 version of GTAIV much more than the PS3 version, since on the 360 you were apparently able to play your own music within the game.

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10 days left. 10 days. I can make it... I can make it...

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The beta runs for a couple of weeks. I'm sure the Konami servers will calm down after the beta starts on Monday. If you have to wait one or two days to start playing the beta, it's not going to kill you.

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PS3 version for me. Playing with friends when they come over would be WAY too much fun to pass up.

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Which is why I have this feeling that Haze from Free Radical will be a sleeper hit this year. It's an FPS that tackles a serious subject (drug use). As Edge magazine said, it's a game that doesn't treat the player like a kid.

We'll see soon enough.

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However, that still doesn't explain why you would want to risk having to drive from store to store looking for GTA IV on April 29th instead of putting down $5 measly bucks at the store closest to you.

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But living in a large metro-area, I've seen local gaming stores completly run out of copies of highly-anticipated games. In fact, as I recall, it happened down here in South Florida when GTA III was released....

While it's probably true that I could find a copy of GTA IV on launch day at SOME store, why would I want to drive all over town looking for a store that hasn't run of copies? I'd rather pre-order, pick-up the game, go home and ummm... play the game.

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Random forum posts is not news guys.

When they asked him what he saw in the 10 seconds, he said some random action scene. Nice description. Right, I believe him.. lol

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I really hope those shots are of the PS2 version, because they suck.

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Quick someone make a gif of that scene in Highlander where the big bad-ass dude (Blue-Ray) cuts off the head of Sean Connery (HD-DVD) with this big-ass sword.

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Seriously, this game really is addictive. Even Technoviking got addicted once, and stopped dancing to techno in the streets, stopping traffic, and generally kicking asses. Thank God for all of us that he bought a PS3.

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SO the big T-Rex battle consisted of your character hiding under a tree, completely protected, and shooting at the T-Rex while it lumbers around from side to side at 1.5 mph like a drunken frat boy.

Yeah. No wonder this game got crappy reviews.

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Hire Insomniac as consultants!

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Technoviking says: "Best bullet-holes of any game evah!"

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The graphics have definitely improved. This will be a huge seller.

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I think I'm going to buy another PS3. Even the uber-low PS3 <1% failure rate might be too much to risk missing out on playing these bad boys! :)

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