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Is that Triforce Johnson in that sleeping bag? lol

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No CoD4? That ending rocked.

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Biased reviewers have now found a new reason to take points off a PS3 title... the method of distribution.

What's next, reviewers taking points off because the (*cough* free) game was shipped to them via DHL instead of FedEx?

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Noticeably faster. Firefox 3 rocks.

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"[MGS4] sets new standards for graphics, sound, gameplay, and storytelling, and it may be years before it is equaled, let alone surpassed. You will not play a better game this year -- maybe even this decade. If you own a PS3, buy this game the day it comes out. And if you don't own a PS3, well, you better start saving your nickels and dimes."

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I rike it very much, thank you Kojima!

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Dead Space videos. Looking forward to this game.

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To lose your job over a $60 game? It's not like UPS doesn't pay well... they pay pretty damn good and the benefits are great.

UPS must be ecstatic that they were able to identify and get rid of these clowns from they labor force.

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Crapaku! 2nd grade journalism at its finest.

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He tells you why it didn't score a perfect score. For one thing:

"Graphically it looks great, but is not without it’s hiccups. There is the occasional pop-in during cut scenes and even more occasional frame rate issues."

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I almost feel like taking them up on their offer, and then proceed to annoy the Gamestop employees for 6 hours straight. Maybe I'll ask them to sell me the game early every 5 minutes. Or perhaps I will go into a long diatribe as to why the Colecovision was the best video game system of all time. Or better yet, I'll ask for an application, fill it out, and then start acting like I'm a Gamestop employee. Which means I will proceed to talk every customer that comes in into buying a used Game...

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Except for the phone part. All you had to do was kill a ped and the cops and/or ambulance would come. Then you would simply shoot them.

Not sure why this is news now. Perhaps because this time you're calling 911, as if that made the killing any different.

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Intense, beautifully animated gameplay. Euphoria plays a bid part in the animation here. For a game this large to look this good, it’s just pure bliss. We did not see any slow down or clipping."

I assume that's the PS3 version they are reviewing, given that it's a Playstation site.

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^^^^ Meant 10:00 am Sunday on the West Coast.

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5:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = 1:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) Sunday

So 1:00 pm Sunday in New York, Atlanta, Miami, etc.
3:00 pm Sunday on the West Coast.

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I don't disagree ban fans, and as a SH fan I will probably end up buying it just for the story and atmosphere.

But you have to admit, while graphics aren't everything, it's disappointing that the first version of SH on next-generation consoles doesn't seem to have better graphics than Silent Hill 3, a game produced like what, 4 or 5 (or more) years ago?

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I'm a huge SH fan, but even I have to admit these screens look like absolute crap. I honestly think SH3 looked better. Hell, RE4 seems to look better.

What is Konami doing to the SH franchise?!?

(And it seems like the old "red tri-circle on the wall" save system is back. Way to "reinvent" the series Konami.)

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is for Harmonix to stop screwing around and give us the patch that allows the Guitar Hero guitar to work with Rock Band.

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seems to start out his posts with something pretty non-fanboyish and overall okay, but then BAM! his post never fails to go downhill from there into the abyss known as xbot hell.

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What's a "retared"?


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