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Not really. The last time the tech wasnt super great but it was for the times, everything is relative. I have seen the VR tech and as I said pretty cool but again its an add on which historically do poorly. As I said I could be wrong but I have been 95% successful in my tech choices of what fails. If it does take off it will have to be in the magic price range 3 to 400$ and I just can't see it going that cheap.

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Gave ya a bubble for that I agree

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Im old enough to have lived through the first VR crazy in the 90'S. While I admit OCR and Morpheus are cool tech and the demos are pretty good I just dont see it taking off. I could be wrong.

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Bungie's words; "You have all of these examples of people who are doing big server cluster things like World of Warcraft or something like that.

But we didn’t really want to do that, because if you think about those kinds of games, you’ve got a centralized server that’s simulating everything in the world, but that can only scale up to some number of players. Maybe it’s 1,000. Maybe it’s 5,000. Maybe it’s 20,000."


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hey this guy see through the stupid PR speak

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Wow PSP im surprised but yeah bring it!!!

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No it woukdnt' as they will do exactly what they did with Halo 4 which spend the majority of their time on MP which I already said I dont care about. If I really wanted to play it that bad I'd spend a 1$ at Redbox and save my money for something better.

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Haha I got accused of trolling but got 2 up votes awesome. Even if I did have an xbone I would skip halo 5 given the short POS 4 was.

@Randomass171 that was fine and it was nice but a 4hr sorry not giving them a pass on that one. I cpuld give two sh!ts about Multiplayer and its obvious thats were they spent the majority of their time. Plus Im not dropping 450$ or 350$ to play Halo its just mot worth it to me anymore.

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Im may get an xbone now that my local pawn has about 30 sitting on a shelf. That MS gets no money from the sale awesome.

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Nonits the led it last about 10hrs now

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So we can't have an option to turn off the light bar because of VR, Rrrrrriiiigggghhhtt that makes total sense. Jesus if its part of the VR great why can't I have an option to turn it off? I don't plan on buy any accessories especial a helmet. I had to take apart my control and use tape to disable mine to up the battery life.

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sword art online is number one thats a start I guess. I love the vita for the functionality with the PS4 but it does lack games I'm interested in.

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Yeah cause kinects is just over flowing with great support.

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Four disagrees hahaha

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What Andy for homemade porn? Lol

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They were wowed for all of what amounts to a few hours by the Wii motion control but it faded fast. Most people I know that were casuals that have a Wii haven't played them in like four years the most often phrase i hear is I got one and it's collecting dust. That is the problem the gimmick of motion control paid off big for the big N with the Wii but casuals aren't going to run out and buy the next console because most aren't still gaming plus casuals have a very short attent...

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IF Iwata san is still in charge after the next investor meeting Ill be surprised.

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No their not they have other business.

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Nintendo has other business ours is game in Japan.

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It's like these people that want "indies" ans mobile games to take over want to reset the industry back to the days of atari 2600 no thanks I lived those days and now is the best time to be a console gamer.

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