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Tbh I haven't even set up my switch dock since got it launch night . It still sitting in the box. Could it use a better battery? Sure . But it's definitely just as portable, as it is a home console. It just needs more games .

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i don't follow heroes . but is this the version of him that goes ssj3?

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Captain toad was great!! Hope to see a sequel

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Easier to crack than a playstation or Xbox emulator . Nintendo systems have always been easier to emulate it seems.

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I feel like it would of been a better movie than a game. It was ok but nothing special compared to most open world games today. Can it improve and get better? Sure! . It would be cool to see a watch dogs set in Paris or London. I rated the first one a 6/10 . It was just way to empty & the story was pretty lame to me.

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Is this game worth it? Or should I wait? I'm buying a new car this month and can only afford 2 games. Pvz gw2 is definitely a day 1 for me. I put in over 250 hours on the first one . But for the second game I can't decide between digimon or far cry primal. If anybody's has any good info about this game let me know!

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Pvz gw2 dlc will be free I thought . Nothing wrong w that . Just gives player new thing to look forward too .

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4 was really fun .

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People like you are what's wrong with the gaming community .

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Electivire , dragonite , scyther , blastoise & poliwrath are all needs .

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This release date has been out for a while . Pretty sure it's not a "leak" lol

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I want to start PC gaming . But I don't want to build one. Can someone send me a link to a good gaming pc under $1,000?

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Fallout 4 is really fun too . Can't have enough good games imo

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Not trolling at all .. Replying to Sartyre ^ in the "you guys aren't missing much" could care less how good your game looks I'm plenty happy console games ^ "9/10" means the game was a solid 9 of out a 10 rating scale .

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Ps4 version was a solid 9/10

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that too^ . nintendo home system are great second system and child friendly systems. first choice home system? not currently, the wii u system as a whole is pretty slow . getting in and out of apps can be rediclously slow, and the online gaming is still stuck in the past with them . i didn't buy my wii u untill i had my ps4 . i need more from nintendo and right now they currently have not met that for me to buy on launch day products .they do have great first party gamess though!

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They need 3rd party support to bring them back into the spotlight . Nintendo will never catch up w Sony or Microsoft if they can't even get the yearly regulars to appear on the consoles . Yeah their exclusives are great, but I need more than Mario & Zelda . (I own a wii u btw) but for my gaming needs besides Mario, Zelda & donkey kong . I have no need to touch the wii u .

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The world is huge lol . You don't even have to do mission you can get side tracked wandering around so easy

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Rocket league is amazing fun but not close to goty for me . Probably best sports game of the year though . Batman, witcher & fallout have been amazing

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