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I stand by my comment. Shadowrun was a fun game, but being multiplayer only and at full price was too much to stomach. I mean, I liked the game but didn't purchase it. When it drops in price enough, I'll pick it up.

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You guys all act like he just slapped you with a stinky fish. I happen to agree with a few of his points. I haven't played far enough into Uncharted to form an opinion, but R&C did get boring...I did quit after about six hours, which is a shame because I loved the earlier games. He wasn't saying the game itself takes six hours to play.

As for Shadowrun, he's recommending it as a used game...and I have to say that Shadowrun was a very fun game to play. What killed Shadow...

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Games that are 100+ hours have so much filler, and to be honest I get too bored to continue playing. I would rather have a shorter game and have a nice progression, and the satisfaction of actually completing a game.

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The bottom line is Sony has shown pretty pictures before. Until it hits the ps3, I'll remain skeptical.

If they produce what they promise, more power to them.

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I bought a ps3 at release, and let me tell you...the games I've been playing on it are ps2 games. If I were in Europe I'd be pissed.

Here's the problem with software emulation: the ps2 remains a viable product, with new games regularly appearing. God of War 2 is coming out soon. Will that be on the bc list? Possible, but unlikely.

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EA might not be happy with the attach rate for ps3 games (who is?), but EA needs to upgrade their sports franchise games significantly before I buy another copy. That goes for all three consoles.

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Games are what drives a console, nothing else. You might sell it for a blu-ray drive, but those people are buying it for the blu-ray drive...they're not gamers. Until Sony delivers some stellar games that aren't available on another platform, their sales will be lackluster.

That being said, Sony isn't changing the ps3 and they're not going to dispose of the blu-ray. I expect this will correct itself over time. But MS and Ninty are in for good, there's no longer a clear winn...

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PS3 can keep this game. "Big Ups! Go!!" Yuck.

And calling NG the poor mans DMC...are you kidding me?

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You buy a ps3 and you deserve what you get. I've got one and it's sitting there doing nothing. But the Wii and the 360 are both getting played. Why? Games!

Buy the ps3 for the blu-ray, buy it for the future potential if you want to, but it's not worth buying it for the games currently available.

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Because it's not a merger. Both companies are spinning off some executives and a little bit of money to form a new company.

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This is not good news, this is Ken being evicted from Sony. In Japan you tend not to fire people, but you do place them in unfavorable jobs. Sony just moved Ken into a position outside of Sony (51% Namco). This is the creator of the Playstation and he just got put out to pasture.

Now I know Ken says some crazy things, but the bottom line is that he's not a pr guy, he's not a business guy, he's an engineer. So it could be that he ends up happy being out of the public spotlig...

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The 360's sales numbers in Japan have never been stellar, so this is not news. But how inventive to take an article about how poorly the PS3 is selling to report poor 360 sales!
By the way, the 360 sales are 4 times higher than they were a year ago. Again, not stellar...but slowly showing improvement, and that's nice.

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I like Jaffe because he's willing to throw out his opinion without clearing it through Sony first. What I found interesting was he noted the different levels of attention Sony gives to first party (100%) as opposed to third party (0%).

From what I've read MS is much more supportive of the third party development companies. If Sony wants to see more games out on the market, they should be as well.

I also found the talk about Resistance ( a game I didn't like) in...

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Shipped = sold because the retailers buy 'em from Sony. We've had te same argument over MS's numbers.

Give Sony their due for shipping so many by year end. Yes, it's half what they promised. Yes, it's only to North America. But their console numbers in N.A, and Japan rival what the 360 had. 360's were in short supply, but they were also spread out over more countries.

That being said...I think it's important to look at the attach rate of the consoles, becaus...

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If they cut the cord you'll have tw devices needing batteries. And I like the cord, it's easy to find it when I need it.

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I'm a 360 owner, got mine on launch day. If MS comes out with a 360 that has a larger hard drive, built in wi-fi, a digital out, and a lower price, guess what? I'm still not pissed.

In the end I'm playing the same games as everyone else, only I've had the opportunity to play those games for longer.

My tv does 1080i and uses components. I'd be playing the same way regardless of a new setup.

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The more I feel that Nintendo should have upped the power a bit. I'm getting concerned that this is another product built for a 2-3 year lifespan, with a limited amount of games, and most of those being first party...with long lulls in between.

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I really like Viva Pinata. I thought Kameo was a very good game, and PDZ was okay, but rushed out the door. I enjoy Rare's games, but sometimes I feel they need a bit more polishing before hitting the market.

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'06 was full of a lot of anticipation. Aside from Oblivion early on, not much gaming goodness. Then in November the spigot opened wide, gushing out some great games and two new consoles.

2007? It's all about the gravy. All three consoles have several games I'll be jumping into, so what's not to love?

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Based on those gaming sales counter websites, the 360 sales looked extremely sluggish. Turns out they were doing just fine.

Congrats to MS...and to Nintendo for their successful launch.

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