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OMG what did you people expect the price to be? $400? LOL If I didn't already own a PS3 I would cop this hot bundle asap!;)

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Halo 3 is seriously overrated,Halo 1 was the best Halo game in the series IMO.

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It would be impressive if Microsoft didn't have that 1 year head start over the competition.

It's still good though.

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Micosoft are losing it!

This is a new low for Microsoft.

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It's all good because it's all SONY!;)

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"It was a couple hours longer the GOW 1 on PS2 if that tells you anything!"-God Of War was longer than 5 hours,you=fail hardcore! You'd have to be god himself to complete God Of War in under three hours even on the lowest difficulty.

"Stop confusing this game with Heavenly Sword....."-Heavenly Sword was actually three hours longer,I own it and Gears Of War which I completed in under three hours,Gears Of War was short as hell!;)

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BioShock on the PS3 would be sweet,I'd buy it on day 1 of it's release.If BioShock does indeed come out for the PS3 also,my god does the PS3 have a fantastic library of games in 2008 and on!;)

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MGS4 looks so f*cking awesome!

Only one more month to go before MGS4 is released wordwide and I pick up my copy!

GOTY 2008? I think so.

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Awesome news!

Hopefully MGS4 sells good too.

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1 year head start,nuff said!;)

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It looks like Microsoft forgot that MGS4 will be released worldwide next month,somebody better remind them before it's too late!;)

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I doubt it.I really enjoyed the HAZE demo,I can't wait to pick up HAZE in a couple of more weeks.I just hope the final version of HAZE is better than the demo!;)

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The first MotorStorm was gorgeous,MotorStorm Pacific Rift is looking awesome I just hope there is more mud in MotorStorm Pacific Rift like s1lens3 said.It's the unrealistic gameplay found in MotorStorm that makes MotorStorm such a fun game,It has become one of my most favorite racing games of all time,I can't wait to see what Evolution Studios can pull off the third time around,MotorStorm Pacific Rift=a day 1 must buy for me!;)

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Both will be great games but I have a feeling that Resistance 2 will come out on top,2 full single player campaigns,gorgeous graphics,60 plus online,WOW! I don't doubt that Gears Of War 2 will sell more because the Xbox 360 install base is currently bigger than that of the PS3.

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Hmmm...HAZE scored higher than I expected,I really enjoyed the demo,nothing new or revolutionary but it was a fun demo,I'm still buying HAZE on day 1 of it's release later this month!;)

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LOL @ "Ralph Hardy"!XD

This story is funny as hell,he spends $30,000 in total and manages to get $1,000 a night hookers and yet all he wants to do is play Halo instead of doing something with the hookers!;)

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Comment has been reported as offensive and minus feedback has been given,that comment is so lame it's not even funny.

I can't believe the gamertag "thegayergamer" offended some people,it's just a gamertag people,it won't kill you!

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Shane Kim agrees,he also expects the PLAYSTATION®3 to sell a million something more consoles than expected,just thinking about the killer lineup this year and 2009 makes this all even more possible!;)


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Trophies are superior to lame a*s,worthless Gamerscore in every way.

Enjoy your inferior console/software lineup and now inferior Achievements!;)


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It's not like the perv makes any good games anyway,the Ninja Gaiden series blows,the r@pist knows God Of War III will SLAUGHTER Ninja G@yden 1.5,that's why NG1.5 will be his last game,it will end in dissapointment just like all his other crappy games!;)


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