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Probably won’t change anything but you got my support.

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I really want want this game but i don’t want to trust EA and get shafted in a month.

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Holy hell, I’m shocked. EA saw the storm and gave in, that’s awesome.

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Geez it’s been forever since I’ve logged in here. Just vote with your wallets people. Back when bobby kodick ran his mouth I said I’d never buy another call of duty again and I haven’t and that was like 5 years ago. I haven’t played or even looked sideways at an Activision game in a long time. Although I feel like 2017 crash may be them but I wasn’t missing that.

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That's it?? Wow. I missed the first 15 talking to a potential job offer. Really only saw days gone, GOW and spidey, Detroit looked very interesting. Better showing than Microsoft at least the fact that there were 4 AAA games only on PlayStation that look fantastic.

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The new uncharted expansion? Uncharted: Spider-Man edition.

Looks epic. Take my money.

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I assumed it would be $499 last year, so I'm not surprised. But Microsoft would have been better served to show 4K game demos of old games like halo and gears of war. I guess some of the games interest some people, but not me. I would play anthem, forza and crackdown. Everything else I rolled my eyes at, there's just no justification for me to spend $499 right now.

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That's a joke. I've had Xbox and Xbox 360 and have been waiting for Xbox one because I LOVE the shooters and action games on Xbox. I bought the Xbox one and absolutely HATED the interface, it was slow and halo was so terrible and broken I wanted to scream. I went to PS4, I wanted scorpio to bring me back, I miss gears and halo.

That was abysmal. I love games but that show was complete and total trash.

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That was TERRIBLE!! I'll update my PC for gears and halo and forza. I was ready to pre-order this for 4K, UHD and bragging rights. I can't believe this is the same company that gave us Xbox and Xbox 360. There are no games worth playing for me.

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lol it's true. I wanted extra power for everything because I'm a graphics whore. But I have a PS4 so I guess I'll stick with that till the next gen.

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Fiancée will be happy I won't be begging to spend $499 on this.

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That's it? Seriously?

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That's bad ass. Xbox games.

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No. Crackdown was the only thing close. Everything else looks so stupid and boring.

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What is this? A bad lord of the rings? I'm done.

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It's been YEARS since I've logged in, i couldn't even remember by password.

Microsoft you suck. I wanted to be excited for Scorpio but all of these games look so damn lame. I wouldn't play a single one of these games besides forza. 4K console for some cartoon graphics. Wtf.

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Let it go super nerd.

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Lol I'm fully aware about PC. I know everything there is to know about PC, I own one I spent $2000 on. It doesn't make it any less complicated or frustrating to use. You're a super nerd, that's cool. If you want to be a super nerd and you're cool with it and love it, then that's you, live it. But to pretend you're the majority of people is foolish and hilarious all at once. You're the vast minority, console will ALWAYS be there for normal people. Do you read wh...

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Lol you're all so stupid you can't even see microsofts ploy. They WANT you to buy games on PC. You make them $$$$! But yeah I agree everyone should spend $1200+ to play gears of war with some better textures. I have a PC, it's more of a pain than it is a joy. It made me go back to just consoles where I can turn the thing on and just play. No stupid workarounds or clearing cache. No "plug in a headphone I to the headset jack to get sound in

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Nope! Instead you get to pay them for Windows and all the games! They STILL make money off you!

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