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"I was referring to groups of people wherever the person commented is from"

*face palm* Very convenient I would say and what if this person is part of a minority group where he or she is commenting from?

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Lol, Forbes doing damage control for their previous article that was positive about PS5.

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My mind will be blown if EA drops loot bo.... I mean "surprise mechanics".

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Riot....... Why? Oh thats right because the PS4 had such a tough time not having BC. Stop the silliness, if the PS5 has BC fantastic, if it doesnt life goes on.

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Streaming is not just about money but its also about removing any and all power that the consumer has over their games, not to mention trying to get rid the second hand market.

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"The earliest known contact between Greece and Africa occurred in the Bronze Age, during the fourteenth century"

Dude, you are proving my point, lol.

Also that time frame is highly disputed, regardless though the answer is still no, there werent any Africans in that part of the world at the peak of Greek mythology.

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I have no idea why.

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First of all Kratos(Cratos) is an actual part of Greek mythology which was replaced by Christianity around the 5th century, Africans didnt arrive in Europe until the 17th century so no there weren't any Africans back then.

As for your gods of Egypt point I and many others were just as apposed to it back then as I am against race bending Kratos. You want to talk irony? Hollywood. Nuff said.

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Your comment is contradictory.

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What!!!!!! A positive article from Forbes about Playstation? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD???!!!!

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The Order sold about 1.5 million in its first two weeks of release that number will be significantly higher now so can it really be seen as a failure? Yes it did not light up the charts but it was fairly well received by gamers. I would love to see a sequel because this game was fun and has huge potential to become a classic.

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6 down votes? Why the hell would anyone disagree with Resistance and KZ???

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Kratos is Spartan i.e Greek i.e not black but yes Christopher Judge is doing a fantastic job with the voice acting of Kratos.

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Paul Levesque for Kratos but in a movie not a Netflix series.

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