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@sono, exactly

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Yes, he's aware...

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You were probably born in this sad decade so some several lifetimes ago there's a song that closely resembles what the op said

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And lol @ the idiots wasting more money on a console to play a game.

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Lol forced discrimination, love it. How about hire who's best, **** their gender

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I just started andromeda a few days ago. I'm liking it even if the close ups on faces are somewhat low quality. I do enjoy the atmosphere while playing when things are happening in the background or in the sky. This was the last EA game I bought new (got it day 1). It helps that Scott Ryder sounds like Nathan Drake most of the time.

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Typical for Sega, always b grade

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He farmed in game chests, the same way anyone farms anything in Destiny, Division, and other MMOs. He also puts out videos for the devs to showcase game breaking bugs so they can patch them if anyone cared.

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This is what I want to hear and lmao @ FFXV, that had like two all game.

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I care and don't play pc games because pc doesn't have the exclusives I get on my playstation or nintendo platforms.

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Considering most of the money is made from multiplayer gaming you really think you can get away long term with streaming online mp games with ridiculous input lag and connection lag to other players? Gtfo, companies can't even help us out right now dealing with p2p, and you want to stack streaming on top of it lol

I tried ps4 now free trial and it was alright at best, definitely terrible for fast paced games. Can't imagine playing MP with it. It feels like your con...

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You know standards can't get any lower when one plays crackdown over anthem, Lol omg I cant breathe

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the pedobobs around here will argue to death for letting them have their way.

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I vote for the mods to unappropriate this flag. The white knights are strong with this site.

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Apex was the PVP-filler for the lacking in all aspects Anthem. Apex was to ease the hit Anthem took.

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It should've came with Dualshock 1 controllers and games that support those analog sticks. $100 was too much, should've been around $70.

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1. not serious
2. stop being so serious
3. any game is possible on any platform (think about what that means before your brain locks onto gtfo are you stupid?)

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persona 6 for vita, ps4

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