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What can you expect from corrupt journalist sites. Someone should hack these sites and defaced them, they are nothing more than Microsoft advertising department. Just watch scores for xbox exclusive and multiplatform game scores. Sony should also be taking notes of these sites. We can all thank Microsoft for all the crap they have brought to gaming. Sooner Microsoft get out of gaming the better it will be

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Delusional much? Anti playstation brigade out in force lol

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Psp 65million in 6 years and these retarded so called hack journalists think it was a failure.

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stick to your 3ds, PSP2 is not for simple people like you, its too hitech for your simple brain to comprehend

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sounds like you are very hurt because your lord M$ and their promise the 360 didn't live up to what you were preaching to the masses. you feel you have been lied to and betrayed. PS3 in your eyes has become every thing you never in your wildest dreams expected it to. and that makes you so so hurt your poor dear heard hearts. You never want to buy the PS3 even though it is every thing you want. You poor heart hurts so much. would you like a hug?

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ever thought for a moment that they might not be normal people and gamers, but infact might be microsoft marketing trolls (marketing department employees) released on the internet like a virus to brain wash the uneducated and to spread FUD. u think if a true gamer or a cleaver consumer if he/she comes here or other gaming sites wouldn't know the difference between PS3 and a 360?

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Y wouldn't it? 54% failure rate, every second one dies. Doesn't every one least buy 2. Y do Americans love it so much, is it the exclusives, the dvd player, the $60 / year for online, disk scratching, or is it the air craft noise simulation that the Americans love of the 360?

Please explain to an non American?

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Another m$ marketing department

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Microsoft marketing department in full swing, if only m$ spent this much effort into making new and unique games. IGN is a mask for the m$ marketing department and it fails.

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Yeah just like cross game chat on a console is useless right?

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Lol talk about being insecure. M$ pr department in full swing.

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Like u 2 M$

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Got to give credit to Microsoft for taking time to release win 7 for mobile and therefore releasing a solid and reliable mobile platform, rather that the unreliable mess that is xbox 360.

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What game does the playstation brand lack? PS1, PS2, PS3 & PSP is a huge library. Quality high tech hardware, huge diverse library what more do you want.... apart from trolling.

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Terror_b how can you play gt5 when u don't have a ps3?
It's like me saying froza3 is shit when I haven't played it and don't have a xb360.

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Yeah because xb360 is so much better and value for money /s.

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Where are the earth shattering pc games? Top end pc for games user base is very small, so therefore developers don't bother. Besides who wants to play games locked away in a room, so nerdy.

@ct03 the proof is there for every one to see. Ground breaking games every year on the ps3.

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Is that why there are earth shattering ground breaking, out of this world graphic exclusive games coming out on PCs?

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Since its vgchartz it would be well over 1 million. $60 a game so about 60 mill earned. Taking into account dev cost, marketing, etc to be less than 60 millon therefore profit for Sony and therefore more games like this for us.

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Well ofcourse no one uses it. Duh

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