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I poked around on it for a few minutes but you just can't trust Disney on live service games... Not after Marvel Heroes Omega so I deleted it and moved on with my day.

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Single player campaigns take time and effort... EA ain't got time for that.

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I actually think UC3 was the worst of the bunch... Granted, in this series the worst is still a damn amazing game.

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It's a very solid list and the best part is that I think all of them are on other platforms so more people can play them.

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Usually betas are done way too late for any feedback other than bugs to really be useful at aa release day standpoint.

If a beta sucks the game is going to suck.

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Throw your own trash away, GameStop! /s

Actually, this is pretty cool for any physical collectors who have scuffed or damage cases to replace.

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Each peice of media this game releases makes it look worse and worse.

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Hudson shouldn't be on the list... He's part of the problem.

Him and Mac Walters changed and wrote the garbage ending to the ME trilogy.

Also Hudson came back after leaving and Bioware continued to sink.

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@garryxcs Some will. I don't even grab the free games on Epic because I don't like their launcher. Every exclusive game they get I just ignore till it comes out on Steam.

Ubisoft I pretty much ignore, Battle.Net I do use but just for Blizzard games, Origin I never really adopted. GOG I use for older stuff.

So honestly if it's not on Steam I just don't see it.

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I believe you mean EA.

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The first one I think you could describe that way... It was funny at times but also serious at times and was pretty much grounded in reality compared to the later games.

The later games like them or hate them were their own thing and no longer really a GTA clone.

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There is a learning curve, no doubt, but I've played like 14 hours and have log of over 50 animals harvested so his walking for hours and waiting for more isn't really close to being accurate.

Also pheasants are hunted with a shotgun not a rifle so their review is even more questionable.

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What are you talking about... Car was designed by McLaren.


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It should be but I feel like Nintendo doesn't do enough with the franchise to really be the best.

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Last one I got had Frave on the cover and was some sort of a special edition. I think it had some old remastered 16 bit versions included.

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This list is trash...

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If the game is good and resonates with the player it will be successful rather its 3 hours or a 100 hours long.

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Oh, wow. I've not been following this game at all but I'm shocked by this. I would have guessed 3 or 4 player.

I'm guessing the game is just far too limited in scope for that.

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It use to be that way back in the day but they don't care about franchise mode anymore .

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Pretty much. I preodered the day of release about 9-11 hours after it went live.

I just got notice yesterday that I can fulfill my order.

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