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Love Twin Snakes would love to see an HD remaster or remake.

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Luna-Tic and Stadictia?

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Never said there was, I’m referring to the Rocket League content.

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Also, the Sunset Overdrive content is no longer available in the Xbox One version! I also checked the PS4 version since Sony owns the license and it’s not there either.

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I suppose

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I somehow got through Amazon and was able to pre-order one and I don't know how. I kept getting the somethings wrong page and then I got the cart and was able to check out.

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I retract the Super Mario 3D world part, it's Galaxy 2 , Something and something...

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I'm assuming the next one they do will have Super Mario 3D World, Galaxy 2 and something...

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Love this game, I just played it on Xbox One a week back and played it again on iOS for fun. Cannot recommend it enough!

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I'm hoping for $400 but I realize $500 is more likely.

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I'm having a very good time with this game, it's very comical with some dark tones.

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It’s a shame this was a perfect opportunity to release a complete series set but it’s nice to have a Pikmin release.

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Love Apex Legends, it’s my daily haunt.

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I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title.

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Awesome! I love the Fable series! Please bring Fable Coin Golf and Fable 2 Pub Games to iOS and Android as well.

Also, a remaster of Heroes would be cool.

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I think it was the wrong decision, I think Microsoft should of discontinued the All Digital and S consoles and kept the X on the market while lowering it's price. This way for the next year or two when the eight generations systems wind down they can still claim to have the more powerful console and if customers want an upgrade they can get a Series X.

I'm a X owner and I love it, it's a great console and it's sad to see it going away so soon.

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This is great to have one service fee that is used for multiple services, I wish I could add all my Microsoft services to this .

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It’s only racist in the echo chambers you and others like yourselves have created to fill a void you think society has taken from you. You create these notions of what and who are racist to give your life meaningfulness because you’re to lazy to get a job or do something constructive with your life.

Just let people live their lives and do what they want to do in the short time they have.

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As if I didn’t have enough reasons not to buy the game.

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Best Buy just had a 512GB Sandisk micro SD card on sale for $95 glad I bought it.

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