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It's a derogatory word against a specific ethnicity, hence a racist term/slur.
They are all equally wrong.
Saying one has more weight then the other is almost racist in itself.
Do you think slurs against Asians are fine aswell?
Or is only the "N" word off limits?
It's just okay to be racist towards white people?

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I agree
Cracker, honkey, redneck should be treated the same as other racial slurs, as in not tolerated.
Complaining about minor things gets us no where fast.
The world is racist, always will be.

But my internet is fast!

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Unless your black (though not all agree), Both are wrong.
Same with countless other racial slurs.

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Fox logo is pretty cool though.

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It's with you for life, unless you lazer it off.
Besides, with most of the youth tattooed it's not that cool or unique more.

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I'm so done with you.
Yes canada, a very diverse country. Makeing your assumption of my race inane.
One would have to be white to be a nazi, but I have pip boy as an avatar so I must be white.
Much like your assumption of age based on my user name.
You brought up something about how people like me are the reason your country is going to hell, and the world.
Hence why I informed you where I live.

I just disagree w...

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No one is crying to you, labeling you or even cares.

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For some people it's not that easy.
Most of the world's problems are due to poverty.

Although... If I really was poor I sure wouldn't have bought a ps4.
Pawn that bro.

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And those versions stopped receiving updates after heists.
Left behind...

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Cool for switch owners.
Doom looks to be fairly downgraded though... Maybe just the video.

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You're delusional.
I said "I'm sorry your mother dropped you on your head."
What ever you said back was not read and deleted.
Good math, stupid assumption.
Good day to you.

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Don't bother, like talking to a bag of rocks this one is.

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Oh so now anyone that disagrees with you is also a racist?
Mind games?! LoL
The force is weak with this one.

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Oh so that person is a racist now?
Maybe they educated thier self, found out it has nothing to do with hate and edited.
But thank you, oh so nobel hero for calling them out... Like a bully.
Pat yourself on the back white knight hero.

Replaced him with they.. To be more inclusive.

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Hate group lol
You have been trolled.

Fearmonkey21m ago
The whole Kek thing is a 4chan joke, people are being played, its not an alt right hate symbol. Its trolling people who are so uptight they cant see straight.

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I've had 2 WD external 500 gig drives die.
Drives die, regardless of brand.

Just back up data that is important more then once.
With 30+ years working with computers. If it can fail, it will.

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Bit harsh. Why call him out? Fan people, not just boys, are everywhere.
Oh well. Cheer up mate, it's just video games.

Hey hey we're '79 brothers!

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