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They for sure what to stay independent. You can bet every Publisher has tried to acquire Insomniac at some point.

Staying independent has allowed them to go from titles such as R&C to Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, Spyro, Fuse as well as mobile and Oculus Rift titles. This is a tremendous resume and warrants their continued business practices.

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ahhhhhh! Didn't watch/read anything other than quick notes and Reddit comments. Sounds fun. Challenging will be even more ridiculous.

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I was with you 100%. When it comes to ubisoft and online, I refused to pay 2 bucks for a game. When I first saw The Division I was terrified, because I wanted it and it belonged to Ubisoft. I followed the game, waited for the downgrades, read and watched as much as I could about it. Then I read the smaller details. How ubisoft created an entire new online department for this game. A complete strip of existing and a modern take on multiplayer development and deployment. I kept watching, lookin...

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Perhaps how they were shown off in early gameplay. Controlled from a tablet by a friend or what have you.. Or, will be a tech/security ability.

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I don't believe so. It is the same as PS3, in that, any hdd inserted, regardless if it's been in the system before will be wiped on bootup. Reason being; jailbreaking.

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Not to defend the CoD gravy train, but, dedicated servers are not always the answer to every game. They have their own set of problems. In the case of CoD, whisper servers are used instead. These too have problems.

Remember, if you created something and it made you 1 billion dollars and a year later you realized that you could make it again and make another billion, you can bet your best Berber you would do it again and again.

My point: Why change something...

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If it is still wrapped, you can probably do a swap at Walmart, Target, Bestbuy etc.

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Ya same here. Running an R9 280x with i7 4770 and 12gb ram and I'm running medium settings on 1080p and getting between 30-45fps. Sad.

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whoa. I haven't played this game since December. You tellin me, that they still haven't added heists yet? WTF!

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All I hear is "I think", "I assume", "I guess", "hopefully"

All this equals 2-5 years MORE of development.

Good thing they don't have EA as a publisher. It would be out now and you would have to pay 49.99 a year for updates...

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Why I come to N4G! Community and GAMES!!!!

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TPS. No word on cover system that I remember reading.. Ride the hype train friend!!

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Team 1 is finishing Uncharted 4 and team 2 is doing the next TLoU. When team 1 is done with UC4, you can expect an new IP. The sales of TLoU will determine part 3.

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According to R* this issue was addressed in the title update that was release today.. I can confirm, that for me, it was indeed working.

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Your way of thinking is so flawed.... you are saying someone who drives manual is a better driver than someone who drives automatic? That is the dumbest argument i have ever heard..... there are about a dozen other thing that come into play long before transmission type comes into play... as far az CoD, it is the most casusl FPS on the market but to say it is EASY and requires NO SKILL is typical internet talk... go look at the leaderboads... the average KDR is NEGATIV...

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EA owns DICE... I am pretty sure what DICE does, goes through EA first.. The only other things, I can possibly think the problem is other than a terrible publisher and/or lazy developer is that there is simply NO fix for the problem.. Down to the basic fabric of the source code for Frostbite 2.0.. If that's the case, than still or even more, I am not buying a single new EA game...

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40 million bucks EA just made of that... 40 million... Sickening, and yet they can't be bothered to fix the terrible sound issue with PS3.. No thanks EA! I'm done buying new games from you..

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I don't think he has unlimited funds. Nor do I think he is as wealthy as you say.. He drew a moderate 6 figure salary at IW and is by no means a multi-millionaire.

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Its 2 years for both studios. by your logic, every other year there would be NO CoD. You should check your math friend.. Example... CoD4(2007) [email protected](2008) MW2 (2009) Black Ops(2010) MW3(2011) Black Ops 2(2012... And I dunno what CoDs you have played but IW don't put no polish on their games. They are unbalanced, laggy, poor design and always feel rushed. Treyarch makes well balanced and actually update their titles as the community asks for changes. You are just a troll.

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I agree with Jaffe. Especially when he talks about the team. This is not some start up, off shoot game development team. This is Sony Santa Monica, one of the most respected dev teams in the world. Not only are they made up of some of the most talented people, they actually make fun, beautiful and memorable games. People are so quick to judge, when they have no idea what they are judging.

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