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Electronics are just a small portion of Sony. Most their revenue comes from selling life insurance.

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You guys must be the lucky few.
It is running like garbage for me.

UPDATE: 12/02/2013
After a brief period of r...

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It is broken for most ...Go check out the BF4 forums if you don't believe me.

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Seriously, 9/10....THis game is a broken piece of crap as it currently stands. This reviewer seems to be delusional.

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I got a question that maybe dumb.... I have an old 1 TB laptop drive with data still on it... If I put it in the ps4 will it accept it and format it? I am hoping that it will as I don't really feel like erasing the hd before putting it in.any help would be appreciated .

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WOW! Just went to your webpage with speakers unknowingly full blast. Needless to say I just about s#$t myself when the music started.

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You must realize that maybe graphics are not the only reason to update a gaming system.What about more realistic physics as an example there is always room for improvement in that area. That type of process uses a bunch of CPU and ram and will not be perfected for a while....I'm just saying think beyond the graphics there's a whole lot more going on in video games than just graphics and there could be a lot more going on to enhance the games above what we already have.

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No big deal ....The majority of Battlefield fans has probably had it since its release on the PlayStation Store in 2009.

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It will not fail without dinosaur mode.

I hope they never put dinosaurs or zombies in any battlefield game.

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Sony late to fix psn and late to e3?

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This wouldn't have really bothered me if sony didn't wait till FRIDAY afternoon at the very last second to tell us!!!...Here we go through the dark tunnel for probably another week! This is outrageous!

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Sony revealed some HUGE titles and they are smart enough to save the best for last. Its going to be great.

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speed of a human is around 100 ms, so this should not have any negative effect.

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HAhA!!!....that was great brklynty1 ....I laughed so hard

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Well, if they can work there magic like they did with BC2 it will be a spectacular game

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This is a launch day buy for me!

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A lil whinny there Dellis? lol!

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Rockstar didn't send them a ps3 version early...

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Never would have expected that!.....haha!.....The wait is painful.

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I'm to busy playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to care about either of these studios or Call of Duty.

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