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wish i can relieve that true first time experience with Dead Space, first time a game made me take it slow and embrace the atmospheric terror.

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I remember it being $10 on PSN at one point lol.

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This is a good read, every game listed if given a chance would thrive in its own way in this era of gaming. One of few games I want revived would be Midnight Club series and a Max Payne 4 or prequel.

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i always love Terminator 3 Redemption for the in-game battle damage you receive when killing off other terminators. And Terminator Dawn of Fate was a 6/10 but was enjoyable enough to rent at Blockbuster.

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IDK why i enjoyed Spider-Man PS1 game the most most when i was a child

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@porkChop and @SullysCigar you guys both right. Sony as far i know, got enough money to make a purchase and not scared to buy a property per say. But it has to be worth it, from personal experience BeThAsDa needed this deal from Microsoft.

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Who pirates games anymore?

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Sony's PS5 gains full console exclusive to GTA VI, that's an instant console killer considering how XBONE did in sales this gen. Be honest, compare the console exclusives alone.

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Imagine GTA VI becoming a PS5 exclusive. The hype would be intense, beating XBONE in sales 2-1 and catering to the gamers with proper exclusives with the PS4 this gen. It be a cool pipe dream.

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damn. Wish I still had my PS2

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Off-topic but can we bring back couch co-op games back like Conflict:Desert Storm or even "Story Mode Co-Op".

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I learned to just deal with it but its good to know I can buy a 2nd one and know it wont sound like a turbo jet has just landed in my living room.

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I'm guilty of wasting money on a free game called Fortnite.

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If it comes bundled but affordable and at least have an attachment to make the control scheme on PSV2 more playable.

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I stand behind Sony. If i wanted to play and talk to XBOX and Nintendo players i would of bought those systems.

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they paid billons but Sony made Billions. No Fanboy but i have a PS4 Pro with a 4k TV because everyone is pushing 4k, so I got all SONY. Sorry

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I use the light on my controller as a night torch when I turn off all the lights.

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I will always feel bad for someone who has to spend money to enjoy a game. But the sad part is sometimes it’s necessary to even play a game.

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Love my PS4 Pro and Sony 4K UHD TV , but for 5 minutes I did think about getting an XBOX ONE X. And it all really came down to the fact that SONY is catering more to the gamers.

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Got my Sony VR for Resident Evil and played for a solid week and havent downloaded any new vr games since. Does anyone have any recommendation? Got $18O limit.

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