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Just gotta say it's kinda awesome how your comments are in Jaqen vernacular.

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Actually we found the graphics to be a draw. Both are gorgeous games and each one does some things better than the other. Thanks for reading anyway!

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Well we generally tried to just compare the two fairly in this article and not pick a favorite. We loved both games almost equally. What other people decide is their choice.

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That's pretty funny. I should've used that... since they were all jokes! Good lord, read the entire article.

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It's called satire. Look it up.

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This was a great editorial. I think what's important to note about a game like Spec Ops is that it's constantly trying to get players to just take a second to acknowledge what they're doing in the game. They're killing a lot of people -- people that were just fine before the player came on the scene. Dishonored reminds us that the violence will have an effect on the world, but in contrast I think Dishonored uses a very adolescent approach to the anti-violence message. It just ...

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That's such a good point. I completely agree. If esports were somehow marketed with teams and individuals I can relate to, I would likely be much more interested.

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Actually, all of the editors from the site discussed their most disappointing games and came to a consensus on what the top five were. Just to let you know :)

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This is a great review. I'm glad someone did a review that covers the entire series.

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It's sad to think that some of these people voted today.

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Did you actually read the article?

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Borderlands 2 doesn't need the extra publicity. The first wasn't a modest seller. It's pushed over 6 million copies.

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I don't think the author was trying to make any kind of attacks on Hemingway. She just feels strongly that the boys club of gaming doesn't treat women the way it should. I agree with her. It's easy to brush this off, but that doesn't make it right. If you don't think this is a problem with our industry, then you are part of the problem yourself.

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The gameplay is still exciting and intense. It's just not perfect.

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Witcher 2 came out last year. It's not eligible just because it was ported to Xbox 360 this year. It would be one of the best if it hadn't already released on PC last year.

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I find it interesting that this article is sitting among the top articles, right next to the article about sexism in games. Seriously people? Could we be more juvenile?

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One of them mentioned DA2 in their review.

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I think the comments were taken out of context by a lot of people but it definitely was a silly way to market the game.

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This was definitely an interesting read. I never realized everything a tester actually does. It's certainly not like Grandma's Boy lol.

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I think THQ has a lot to fix and a lot to change, but it seems like they're making strides to focus solely on hardcore games. Which could be good if they do it right.

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