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It's not this " kind of thinking". It's us gamers and our wallets that push devs to do this. It's us gamers that make mp focused games by far the biggest and most profitable games in this industry. If you want to point fingers you should be pointing them at yourself, me and every gamer out there.

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No it wasn't. The PS4 was cheaper than the X1 + Kinect.

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Oh my.... Are you really comparing NMS and Sean Murray with Kojima and Death Stranding? I don't know if I should laugh or facepalm myself. NMS got hype because Sean lied and Hello games showed fake footage of the game. If this was a serious industry and if gamers had standards that studio would have gone the way of the dodo by now.

Death Stranding on the other hand is made by a team that has Kojima at the helm. The same Kojima that revolutionized gaming and changed how ...

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I'm always very vocal about things that benefit the consumer in any way or another so when a company finally does something that we as consumers were asking for and then people like you still criticize them, I wonder if you wanted the change to be made or you are nothing but a troll taking of advantage of a situation to criticize Sony. The change is being made. What you wanted is going to happen. What more do you want?

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Absolutely none of those articles prove what you said. In my country we have a saying that roughly translated goes like this: "the worst kind of blind people are those that don't want to see".

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Wouldn't that defeat one the whole purpose of this game?

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There is a Subsistance version for as MGS3 as well. The main difference between both is the camera. In the original you don't control the camera. It's fixed in isometric view. In MGS3 subsistance you control the camera like you do in any modern game.

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MGS3 is the best MGS game. Just make sure that you play the subsistance version.

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I could understand if it was an actress that auditioned for the role and was better than everyone else but that's not the case. They're going out of their way to stray away from the source material for no reason whatsoever other than a political agenda and no I don't have to like it and no I won't watch shows that were infected by american identity politics.

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Oh yes it does. It definetely does. You just need 500 mods and a good enb.

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Any game will be better in the more powerful consoles.

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@ Vegamyster

I never played the original Zelda (shame on me) but I I heard some Zelda fans saying that BoTW feels more like The Legend of Zelda than other Zelda games.

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Rather be a condescending twerp than a hypocrite and a liar. Yes there were many articles in the media back then because simply put because Sony fucked up. There were also many articles about the RROD, how Live was a rip off and at the start of this generation there were many articles about MS policies because MS fucked up and I'm glad that the media called MS out because we were the ones that benefited from it. If you're too sensitive and still hurting and crying because a multi-bill...

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I hate liars and hypocrites. You fit both criteria. Back in the day around here things were BALANCED. I never saw PS fans getting 50 disagrees and having 10 replies filled with insults just because they they said positive things or defended Sony and their console like I see today. I remember guys like theMart and Power of green who were hardcore Xbox fanboys being constantly ridiculed around here which goes against this narrative that sony fanboys like yourself are trying to convey. A narrati...

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I don't. Grim Dawn, Dark Souls, Demon's souls, Bloodborne, Diablo and others come to mind. Having said this, from what I've seen about Anthem so far, its gameplay looks meh to me and I'll most likely pass on it.

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"Even Spider-Man can’t stop football"

That's a fight that not even pre-retcon Beyonder would win. Nothing stops football in Europe.

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Imo it depends on how open world games are designed. If devs put focus on the world and make it as interactive as they can, give incentive to explore it and give the player choice and freedom then having an open world makes sense. If it the world is designed to just be a means to tell a story, is basically a map filled with a bunch of icons with little focus put into it and give you an illusion of freedom where devs tell you where to go and give you a list of things to do, then devs might as...

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