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Clunky? I disagree and was actually pleasently surprised with how fluid and fast paced it was given that combat has never been Bethesda's strong suit.

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Should be 100x more.

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Falling behind whom? Tencent is the only publisher that is more profitable than Sony. Sony's focus on single player has done wonders for them and that's perhaps because single player games allow for more consistency in terms of revenue/profit than live service games whose space is usually dominated by a handful of games that are extremely successful while the vast majority of them are miserable failures.

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I remember paying €50 for brand new PS2 games.

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Not really. For example Sony's gaming division was more profitable in 2018 alone than it was with the entirety of the PS2 generation when games were supposedly far less expensive to make and this before Sony raising the price of their games. Last year MTs alone generated more revenue for Activision than the company generated in 2013. Seeing publishers crying about development costs when they are breaking revenue and profit records is one of the funniest thing...

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It was great mindless fun without VR and if they manage to make it as fun with VR then it's a no brainer for those that want that type of experience.

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That and Pokemon games aren't developed by Nintendo. If Pokemon games were actually developed by Nintendo I have no doubt that they would have higher standards of quality.

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My agenda? You told me you didn't play BoTW the moment you compared it with Far Cry 3. When I see people criticizing BoTW and then say that BoTW just copied/pasted Skyrim or any Ubisoft open world game I know that they are full of shit.

Yes, Elden Ring open world design raised the bar in terms of freedom, player agency, sense of adventure and exploration in the open world genre. FromSoftware throwed established open world conventions out of the window and they did it by...

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I read your original comment. You don't need to tell me once again that you never played BoTW wich is basically the antithesis of Ubisoft's open world design and don't get me started on BoTW interactivity, physics based gameplay, how BoTW world is basically a simulation of our own or how BoTW took player agency, freedom and exploration to a whole new level when it was released otherwise I'll end up writing a testament. There is another recent game that is the antithesis of Ubi...

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Far Cry 3? I find it amusing when people negatively criticize a game and then tell us that they didn't even play the game they're criticizing.

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Obsidian games usually end up being good or amazing.

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His "opinion" is invalid the moment he arrogantly believed that he could speak on behalf of other gamers. I can come up with my own but since you're clearly a follower then you might as well let others speak on your behalf.

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It would be an objective truth if you were talking about how you feel about the game. You most certainly don't speak for me and I'm not sure what makes you think that you get to speak on behalf of others so yes, get over yourself.

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How exactly is this random dude "kinda right"? Was there some sort of election I am not aware of and he gets to speak on behalf of every gamer? If the answear is "no" then this dude needs to get over himself.

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Get over yourself.

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ToTK sold 10 million copies in just 3 days so good luck with that.

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