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Forza Horizon 2 was the best racer as soon as it launched. We got a grade A game on day one.

Oh my bad I forgot this N4G and my default answer should be Driveclub....smdh...

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The order andno mans sky

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Most who I've seen criticize it have played it and said that it's a decent play but very linear which leads me to believe that this game is probably going to score around 6.5 to 7.5 which is a range between average and fairly decent to average but good. I don't think that's too bad honestly. I haven't seen too many people like blown away with the game outside of its stunning visuals. Even your preview seems wishy washy,which is characteristic of a 7/10 type game.

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Xbox OG was essentially the Sega Dreamcast 2 and at one point Sega wanted it to run DC games. Probably why I stayed with the Xbox brand over the PS brand. The Duke was a modified DC controller, same button layout, triggers. Online was pretty big on DC, and really big on Xbox. Shenmue 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Toe Jam and Earl, Rent a Hero 1, Metropolis Street Racer became PGR etc etc. The legacy is obviously there. Xbox is much closer to the Dreamcast than the PS consoles....

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Will probably just sell to get a Wii U.

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The effects should be cranked up with what the Forza teams have learned since F5 and Horizon, plus the X1 has a lot better base now with the SDKs. Forza6 is going to be a stunner.

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Xbox Ones users already knew Forza 6 couldn't be too far off.

I can't wait to see it smoke Driveclub in the visual department with 4x MSAA, 1080p 60 fps with real time weather, realistic destruction and physics, that tight Forza handling, and Drivatars. The Xbox One has greatly improved since the still beautiful Forza 5 was launched in 2013.

It's all part of the plan...

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Seller will get destroyed by Ebay Buyer Protection.

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We need a Quantity vs Quality for that list war crap.

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bring XBLA back!

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Do you guys just refuse to acknowledge the crackdown demo?

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The beta of Halo 5 is better than anything on PS4.

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Media and TV guys. It's a shame how many people are butthurt about any acknowledgements or accolades the Xbox One may receive.

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I found this interesting from a poster on reddit as we were discussing SDK analysis from an Italian website. And before the Sony fans get started they rent affiliated in any way with misterx. Anyway the guy said this based on the SDK leaked documentation.

"Great read and very interesting. Remember months back the talk of Xbox 1 having a second GPU and secret sauce LOL? These document sort of bring credence to that idea. while not an actual second 7700 gpu it appears the ...

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Honestly even in beta Halo 5 is the best shooter on any platform period. After that is still go with TitanFall.

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I'm not sure why redgamingtech uses the 176 Gb/s theoretical bandwidth on the Garlic Bus as if it is real world bandwidth when even Sony's own documentation shows that it is at best 140 Gb/s.

When used properly and as intended the ESRAM+DDR3 which work together concurrently can have greater bandwidth than...

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When the Cloudgine guys showed off significant increases in framerate as destruction in an environment was being offloaded and calculated on the Azure servers Sony users just wrote it off and called it BS. Microsoft can never prove anything in their minds.

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I want to see what Forza 6 looks like with all the great improvements with the SDKs . I wouldn't doubt Turn 10/playground could pull off a circuit racer that not only looks as good or better than Driveclub but still deliver the incredible handling, physics, destruction etc that Forza series is known for.

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Xbox One has like 140 unannounced titles, 100 between 20 new studios. Don't forget to add that in the equation when you listwar Sony fans. They love padding their list with card games, steam titles, and those ever growing unannounced titles. 😂😂😂 28557;😭

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My guess is MS knows something we don't and that Xbox One will be fine until the permanent price drop probably at E3. It's not like Spring is a big time for console sales.

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