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It's fake. Isn't it?

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Arbiter, that would be wonderful. I liked to play as the covenant.

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If you launch in fewer countries this has to be reflected in the forecast. But 6.2 million XB1s is not a bad number. Don't remember the value for XBox 360 launch.

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Are this signs that some people have noticed that the XB1 might have equal or better specs based on the games we know so far? Interesting .... I am curious about the spin of future news ....

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Answering the question: Nothing!

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It was stated some days ago in a podcast of Majornelson. They explained why and they explained what they do instead. Since last week they also advertising on the 360 dash that you are able to see the latest information from GAMESCON via small videos via the dash.

So not nothing new for me, atleast ...

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Anybody by now should know that Destiny and Watch Dogs are not exclusive to the XB1. If you have seen the "We have the best games trailer" from MS those games are not mentioned as XB1 exclusive ("only on XBox One"). Indeed they are very clear in the trailer and even mention that Titanfall is on PC too.

IMHO we experience the usual overreaction towards anything is announced for the XB1.

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Crackdown 3

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Hmm, indeed it is dumb of MS to launch later in Poland and Sweden because some big game developers sitting in these countries. But I think as the XB1 is not region locked, so strangers that cannot wait are able to order in UK or Germany anyway. Glad i am living in Germany.

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I agree with the article. I am waiting too because the games I am interested in will release within first year of launch. For me it is Quantum Break and The Division. Ah and I forgot Dead Rising 3. I liked the first one but never finished it. At the moment I have no anticipated game on the PS4 but that can change. If they will make a Demons Souls II then I will be in.

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He only said both consoles are very very close in terms of CAPABILITIES. Doesn't mean that they are close in performance! He was not able to talk about performance because NDAs still in place. He only compared architectures and used tech. So all can calm down.

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Forza 5
Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3

The Division
MGS V (Both titles)

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I have an elgato hd capture. I can capture directly from the 360 via HDMI but not from my PS3 via HDMI. But I can capture PS3 gameplay with my component cables. If I want to capture the PS3 HDMI signal I need additional HW like an HDMI converter that is able to split the HDCP signal from the normal HDMI signal. That is what I am talking about. As of my knowledge the PS4 has only HDMI . If the PS4 also encrypt their signal with HDCP you will also need a capturing hw that is a...

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No, PS3 has HDCP, so you can do it only with the component signal or with additional hardware like an HDMIConverter over HDMI. PS4 however has only HDMI out, so you sure need an HDMI Converter to seperate HDCP from the HDMI signal if the signal has HDCP too.

How can anyone disagree on this? You can try on your own to capture directly from the PS3 over HDMI, good luck!

Was not saying you cannot use workarounds. Was sayin...

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Innovation is always based on taking risks. MS have taken risks with their original all-digital vision that we all know have not played out as they intended. Sony instead took the last generation as blueprint and put some more power and convenience features to it. Thats not innovation thats playing the safe way.

It is not that I want defend all decisions MS did but I respect that MS said crystal clear what they intended and not played the hiding game. So they failed in the ey...

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@McS: With the difference we still have not get what we ordered so the 2nd guy heard your complain and corrected it on the fly. So in the outcome you will get the same as from the 1st guy with having nothing to complain about!

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I think it is better for Remedy to secure their creative freedom and vision and for MS too, because I think they have learned a lot by buying studios and needed to close them in the aftermath. I think it is not important that a studio is owned by MS or Sony, it is important that MS or SONY are giving full support to get the best possibe exclusive game out of it. In this case in seems that MS is exactly doing this with Remedy.

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A fair statement from Remedy. It is my most anticipated exclusive game of the XBox One so far. I loved Alan Wake but didn't play any of the Max Payne game so I am curios to see more of the game.

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Didn't the say they sold 3.8 million WW last week or so?

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Never order a console until you have the first reviews of the games on it. Don't trust PR and marketing of all the console makers. The console is on the market for several years so waiting some weeks doesn't matter. You can still play good games on the predecessor console(s).

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