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meanwhile water is wet. expansions are always every 2 years

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why doesnt it have an upgrade path

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i have no idea why people are hyped for this. its by the team that made cars 3...

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youk now there is option to reduce banter

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demo made me upgrade from normal to collector i love it

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any moba that doesnt have all heros/champions unlocked is automatically p2w

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mimimimimi 4k$ for 4 days work which is only 4 hours each day which require no effort.

People wish they did that kind of money.

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its 4 hours work across 4 days.

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4k for 4 hours of work if we take voice acting from previous 2 games.Some people dont even do that amount of money in a whole month

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meanwhile sony still doesnt allow me to change country form uk because in 2022 people migrate.

Mind you its a european country so region did not change!

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i bought Collector's Edition twice i aint buying it a 3rd time

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why different subscriptions? I aint paying for 2. piirate life it is.

remember when streaming service killed piracy. now they making it popular again

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chocobo racing? hell NO. do not even think of giving 1 cent to SE for that abomination

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where was this article for BOTW?

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i still use vita to remote play

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omg i asked for this feature after seeing elden ring but i already 100% horizon now

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please dont compare elden ring to the most boring open world ever

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EAC? why people still use it in 2022 its useless

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so hating/not dating short men which is something genetic and can be changed but if you dont date fat women its sexist, which is something you can work on

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my issue is that physical is like 15-20 euro cheaper for me!!

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