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Sure buddy, whatever you say.

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Their sales aren't even very good anymore, more or less the same stuff every year at varying amounts of discount with numerous developers every sale trying to pull a fast one *cough*Rockstar*cough*. You can normally get better deals from the smaller DD sites now anyway.

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Another Warner Bros game with a pre-order for next to nothing. Not making the same mistake after pre-ordering MKX due to it's crazy low price, but we all know how that turned out. Then Batman was even worse with a similar price, and now this for even cheaper.

I have faith in Avalanche in making a good PC port, and hope the game is good, but not until the game is out and we know for sure is it worth handing money over. It's not suddenly going to get more expensive anyw...

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The PC and Xbox may be in different rooms? Thought that would have been pretty obvious.

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Warner Bros. obviously doesn't give a damn about PC, what with this and MKX.

A new rule to go along with never pre-order games should be never buy Warner Bros games within the first 6 months of release, and only if they're actually fixed in that time.

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Yes? Gotta be the worse rationalisation I've ever seen for releasing a broken product. So because some people didn't pay the full £35 price tag on Steam everyone should expect this sort of treatment? Get out with that way of thinking.

Also £25 is pretty standard for a new PC release these days if you shop around, but I'm guessing you class any key sellers as "100% sketchy" which is pretty laughable in itself.

Paying for a produ...

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"This cosplay offended everyone! Click to find out why!"

Ugh... I hate these kind of titles.

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I remember reading somewhere or some interview with Bethesda developers that this happened in Skyrim as well. People were getting confused why crimes were giving bounty when no one was there to see them. Turns out it was the chickens reporting them.

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You're right, this gen is all about under-delivering and releasing broken games, something DC had in spades. I'm sure Playground Games are taking notes, functional games with tons of content are soooooo last gen.

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Yeah, why would you want higher resolutions, higher frame rate and just about any controller or fight stick available? That's just madness!

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Welcome to 2014! You're obviously been in a coma for the past 11 years, a lot has changed, including Digital Distribution becoming the most popular way of delivering PC gaming content.

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That's rich coming from you.

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Because visuals are what REALLY matters in a racing game, lets just forget everything else.

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Logitech stopped supporting their wheels a while back, so no, you're G27 won't work on either of the new consoles.

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Total Biscuit couldn't maintain 60fps with an Nvidia Titan, and there are no SLI/Crossfire profiles yet, so you can't just throw another GPU at it either.

Doesn't matter what you have, the game runs like crap. Nothing to do with peoples hardware not being up to snuff.

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"good fisics"


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They haven't bothered banning people for years, why would they start now? Most of N4G's ad money probably comes from the trolls.

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PR magic.

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How does one "suck at open world games" exactly?

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You've got to be KIDDING...

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