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Next gen doesn't want my money :(

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Cickbait pays the bills.

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Or your friends just leech off u. Damn all my associates r broke. ill have to buy them a PS4 too in order for them to make use of it, then there are those who work but have poor money management.

The only benifit I see personally is the having of two PS4 in the house n not having to buy two games. Better then pre own wait for price drops, & waiting for a rental I suppose. Just don't have any surprised charges.

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Gotta see if I want it first.

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What ever they both suck. I want to race real cars - not this boring virtual wanna be crap. The hell with them both.

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Them Microsoft pockets are deep. They are doing everything they can to compete - still losing horribly though. Cant say i like Tomb Raider enough to even rent it.
At least its another time exclusive for Microsoft - guess its something XB1 gamers can use to justify. I prefer secure exclusives personally. Microsoft has more money - how come they can't manage that?

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Im sure XB1 games are great to XB1 fans. My excitement level is 0 however. Ill buy a XB1 just to make my friend jealous - doesn't meam I care to play it. I sold my PS4. I want better games, its as simple as that.

Tire of hearing about the Last of Us , The Order 1886 & Halo & Gears. Im 29
I need substance in my entertainment - teenager games don't do it for me.

Think of a plot with depth that reach out to you emotionally & that...

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What has happen to gaming? 10 hours of cut scene & shooting - credit rolls then what?

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I see no value in XB1. & this drives the nail.

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I have not the time.

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If the online is laggy I won't bother.

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Absolutely no urge to play or buy. And im losing interest in videogames websites.
Maybe cuz im close to 30 now. Im finding games unimportant. I rather save up for a Chevy Camero then get excited for Driveclub or Forizon Horizon or go hunting then play a first person shooter. Gaming is no longer giving me my entertainment fix. Hype & graphics not cutting it for me. Here's $1k babe.I don't have much to buy in terms of gaming. :(

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"What's done in the dark will come to the light" Sony knew better. No excuses. 5 mil is like losing a $100 to them. They will be fine. But this type of lack of intergrity isnt for the player.

On a second note, im losing interest in next gen quickly. And spending $300 a month in games is something I do often. They need to get it together

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O_o buying old games @ 30fps? I think ill keep my money in my pocket.

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Yawn . Release gameplay already. Going to have to find me a new hobby.

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2603d ago

Damn this is boring news. Gaming is so dry. 2014 sucks. I don't have the urge to but anything?

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@ Xgamer

Could u not go full retard with the damage control. Please in the future try not to be console sensitive. I just work a 15 hour shift. And I have about 10 min for my grinch who stole Christmas grin.

& Could you not live in the past? This is Next gen. Its quite desperate of you to be so defensive. Its like trying to resist black men in prison.

The mirror is reflecting gamers who made a smart decision in buying a PS4. Better hardware,...

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That's sad. There is life outside. :(

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N4g sucks ass.

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