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You're comparing the goddamn packaging? Seriously?

Can I for once open this page and not see 'PS4 vs Xbox One! Which is better!?!?' topics plastered all over the page?

The consoles won't be out for months! Why do we even care about this stuff when there could be articles about ACTUAL GODDAMN GAMES?

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I REALLY find it weird that people are defending aspects of the 2ds because 'it's made for kids'.

How exactly is it made for kids? The design is a square without the ability to fold into compact form, do kids love squares and hate hinges now? Furthermore from what I've heard it's a lot lighter than the 3ds and feels a lot more plasticky, which doesn't sound like something that'll survive long in the hands of young children.

The pr...

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**** the moogles, I hate those things. They've become the most obnoxious mascot character in gaming for me.

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I like the price. I hate the design.

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Just recently got into this game, it's so much fun.

There's few things that feel quite so good as taking out a bomber with air to ground rockets, or getting a kill streak while limping along with two busted wings.

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Because having something to blame makes us feel more secure.

If video games cause violence then we could just legislate that away like snuff videos.

If we accept that some individuals can just be sick in the head though then there isn't much we can do. We can buff up the mental health system, but that doesn't sound as great as "Here is the cause of the violence, so if we ban it everything'll be better".

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You'll probably be waiting a long time for that.

You aren't talking about just passing a law for the US, this is something that plagues the internet instead of a single country.

How are you supposed to prosecute someone talking to you from another country which doesn't have a ban on this subject? It wouldn't be long before the 'but they don't have to respect me, so why should I follow this law' gets started. Furthermore, even if bo...

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I disagree, I don't really see that meaning Elizabeth is going to be the next protagonist.

The end of Arena for every character but Elizabeth (spoilers) has the SEES characters and the investigation team both gearing up to unmask and take on the 2 villains that are revealed to be cause of Arena's story. Elizabeth's ending she just gets a card for her journey to eventually free the P3 protagonist, a much more long term and abstract goal. Plus, Elizabeth would be WA...

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Actually they can't just take the money and run, they are obligated to use the money on their product. If you check their ToS they can be prosecuted if they take the money and spend in on themselves.

The thing you need to keep in mind about kickstarter is there is no guarantee that the product will ever actually make it to market. You're essentially paying for an idea, and while the funds need to be spent trying to bring that idea into reality, it doesn't mean tha...

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This looks pretty cool. The Booker/Elizabeth relationship was the best part of Infinite, and the idea of seeing Rapture during the fall sounds pretty interesting. I'd love to see it focus on society as it gradually devolves into the splicers from Bioshock.

I just hope they tone down the amount of combat or tweak it to resemble Bioshock's mechanics, preferably both.

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Planescape Torment, Psychonauts, Freespace 2, Beyond Good & Evil, Grim Fandango and many, many more would like to have a talk with you.

A quality game does not automatically equal good sales, it never has, and it never will, and this goes for other media as well. If we correlated quality with popularity then CoD and Twilight are some of the best things ever made.

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Yeah I can't think of any other reason you wouldn't want to launch on a next-gen console. I mean what could go wrong with developing on completely new tech and hanging your hopes entirely on early adopters? It'd really be a guaranteed hit too, it's not like there's some OTHER sandbox game releasing around that same time that you're already competing with that is already guaranteed to cannibalize your sales.

There's a big difference between not wan...

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I really can't wait for Persona 5.

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Is this culture toxic? I'd say a bit, definitely parts of it, but you're going to far by saying Fish isn't at fault here.

We all run into annoying douchebags, bullies, or people who won't leave us alone at some point in our lives. Being an adult means dealing with it maturely.

That reporter was out of line I'll agree, but that doesn't mean Fish can respond by telling him to go kill himself and avoid responsibility for it. It's EVER...

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I'm all for knocking the series, criticizing ME3 is a guilty pleasure of mine. Petty sure, but still fun.

I'll start off by saying I really liked ME1. I read through the entire codex and it felt like they'd done a damn good job of a semi-realistic future. It was also when the Renegade options felt the most pragmatic. In later installments I felt renegade Shepard more and more of a jerk ass.

ME2's main plot sucked, there's just nothing that...

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I like AAA games as well, but the issue we have now is that games are usually either AAA games with a huge budget and significant risk factor, and indie games with a shoestring budget but more willing to experiment, with not much in between.

AAA games aren't bad, but too many AAA games can be. Hopefully game like Torment and Eternity will show that mid-tier development is still viable, since it's pretty much disappeared by now.

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Have you really seen that much 'scamming' in terms of games though?

When I see a kickstarter project fail, it's generally because the funds were mismanaged by a team that didn't know what they were doing. That's the risk inherent in kickstarting a game, it's not like pre-ordering a game. There is NO GUARANTEE the game will be released, only that the money given will be spent on developing the game.

If you don't want to be 'scam...

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This isn't an issue you can explain away by saying "Well american games always have you shooting terrorists!"

I don't like CoD, but the in CoD you are attacking terrorists, not people of a specific ethnicity. Sure they often turned out to be middle eastern or Russian, and there is an uncomfortable amount of people with turbans you can shoot, but the reason you are killing them is because you're in a Michael Bay style world war and they are a hostile fact...

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Not different enough to remove the combat from what I saw in the trailer.

Was glad to see EA saw all those complaints about the dull combat and said "They don't know jack, fill the reveal trailer with combat!".

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