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Look at everyone in here. It’s so sad. “It’s not happening to me”. Jesus. The system has problems. Just because your system doesn’t, doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.

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Someone didn’t read the article.

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I have a switch. Get a life and learn to read.

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The only fanboy I see here is you. Nintendo makes great games and so does Sony. Yet here you are trying to start a war.

Get a life.

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It’s not useless. It shows all the scores aggregated allowing individuals to find a review that connects with their personal needs.

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Complacency breeds mediocrity.

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Euro gamer has been terrible for a long time. I’ll take an aggregate score over one person’s opinion.

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We don’t give it any power. It’s just an aggregate. It’s the publishers giving it power. Not us.

If metacritic is your issue, then it’s the review publications you should take issue with. There isn’t a meta critic score without them after all.

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Yet the original VR headsets on pc still work with modern games and will continue to despite not being able to use every modern feature. If you have to buy a new headset each time a new console releases just for access it’s dumb.

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They’re twitching with excitement waiting for a console that actually has games launching with it, which all also look like they’ll be great.

You seem to be tweaking out in full defence mode.

You fanboys aren’t even buying the console. It’s being out preordered like crazy.

I’m primarily a PC gamer and I can even see this. Halo is my favourite franchise, been with it since 2001 launch day. Got Xbox live back when halo 2 released. 343 ...

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You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

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That seems to be most indispensably people these days. Outdoing multimillion dollar studios left and right.

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You’re on your own with that one.

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Elite dangerous is in direct contrast with your claim controllers do not have enough buttons. They do. It just takes smart control design.

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What makes them racist?

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Then why aren’t you on PS5 articles showing how fast load times are on old games? Same stupid criticism.

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Are you concerned about the new gran turismo after playing racing in gta?

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Why would anyone preorder a game for a console they don’t own?

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Halo 5 was terrible. I’ve been playing halo since launch 2001. Halo 5 released and me and all my friends quit the series.

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