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So funny...

Enslaved is a classic masterpiece story reimagined in video game form, with a script written by Saturn award nominee Alex Garland and acting by Andy Serkis AKA fucking Gollum. The game had excellent critic reception, praised for its art style, and won various awards and nominations.

and yet Summons75 tells us how Ninja Theory are making "low quality" things and how the story is just "average". I'd ask what your high standar...

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^ WAT!?
The first announced game for Unreal Engine 4 was Fortnite on the PC which has a cartoonist style. The Xbox one exclusive Fable Legends is on UE4 and has a cartoonish style. Rime on the PS4 is one of the most interesting projects for the platform, is running on UE4 and has a cartoonish style.

So not only your comment that "Given what has been shown before for engines prior, going with something which seems cartoonish stylized is not a good thing" is a...

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I guess that your "two year old desktop" must be so powerful it allows time travel - because the 7950 GPU which you claim that you have in there was actually only released less than a year ago...

Either that or you're a lying turd :)

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1080i TVs can also do 720p as well, so you better simply set it to proper 720p because 1080i is practically the equivalent of 540p with even and odd lines interlaced.
It's not even proper HD, and you can't get 60fps over 1080i so you practically lose all the advantage in games that support it.

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it's not 1080p. It's 1280x1080 which is about half the resolution of proper 1080p.
And I rather have 400+800 ported over, but what GT5 had was 200+800 ported over, and those 200 included something like 50 reskinned Nissan's, so overall that was pretty lame.

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Gran Turismo didn't do 1080p, and most of the models where PS2 quality + it couldn't keep proper 60fps... It can't hold a candle to Forza 4 so I wouldn't even amusingly compare it to Forza 5.
I hope that the fixed the lousy models for GT6. Buying a 60$ game in 2013 where most of the models are from the PS2 will be a real shame

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Yet there are many fools here in N4G and outside.

Go here:
and search for "Entertainment and Devices Division"
Microsoft has increased their revenue from the Xbox division (which also includes skype and surface) by 10% in the past to years.

It makes around 10 BILLION DOLL...

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^ Which Valve was louded for when delivering the exact same vision as Microsoft.

The difference is that Microsoft changed course after listening to fake cries and moans on the online front (and after failing to properly deliver their message of "sharing your game library with familiy and friends" that could have been their killer-up, and Valve never mistook bitching with honest criticism - they kept on going their way even when people complained how Steam is killing...

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I mean, have you SEEN Titanfall?

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I think the pics don't do the game justice: atmosphere looks great, like TLOU worlds meets the steampunk Bioshock feeling, but from these pictures the games doesn't actually look better then the aforementioned two where in fact it's coming to a next gen platform.

Is it the lower pic resolution? Image compressions? Probably, but the rest of the story also shows character models and textures that don't look better than current gen pictures (well, bullshots). And...

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Actually they don't come close - but that's the nature of F2P games that have to run high player count. They just can't compare graphically to proper games focused on a polished campaign.
I mean the last lauded F2P from Sony was Dust514, and we now know how that turns out. So let's take F2P PC ports with a pinch of salt.

And yes, people can get of a series like Dead Rising I guess (assuming they played it on the Xbox 360 which w...

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But the thing is that nobody in their right mind will buy a console for hundreds of dollars in order to play some ports of F2P PC games. It doesn't make sense

Nor will they probably shell out these sums of money just for small downloadable titles like Resogun on the PS4 or LocoCycle on the XB1, as good as they hopefully turn out to be.

The real reason for owning a next gen hardware at launch is to play the big exclusive games or expecting to see a big lea...

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Not that interesting because you can't really compare. The interesting comparison is actually in multiplats with different resolutions, and how progression changed things (for example with series such as GTA and Tomb Raider)

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Beautiful. So many commenters here just showed how they never even bother to read an article beyond summarized and misleading headlines.

There should be some kind of achievement in N4G marking people with "doesn't bother reading" brand.

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@newmonday, apparently not only do they buy shovelware, but they are also praise them and blame the competition for the games being delayed.

Both sides have their own share of ridiculous fanboys, but you my friend are a new breed.

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Condemned and Fatal Frame should have also made the list. Perhaps also F.E.A.R, but it's more action oriented (actually, DS2 and RE4 are too)

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Tinfoils indeed...

There are zero games delayed on the Xbox one, be it games coming from first party or third party. Yet somehow Playstation 4 exclusive games are being delayed and the fanboys blame Xbox devkits.

If Xbox One devkit experience is so bad, I would have expected to see more Xbox one launch title games being delayed from their original announcements. But it seems to strike harder at PS4 exclusive - with games like Driveclub announcing delays less ...

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I totally agree, but then perhaps they should have also delayed the hardware launch as well...

I'm looking at both sides here rushing to make it to the Christmas in the US while they can't maintain supply chain for most of the world. Bt Sony is in an even bigger problem because their launch lineup was weaker in the first place, and Driveclub was one of their trio pillars alongside Knack and Killzone. Now they don't even have that as an offering (and should really ...

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This is indeed the best looking next-gen title I've seen so far. The Division is also an excellent runner-up, but the visuals and amount of details in Quantum Break are simply astonishing.
And knowing Remedy from both Alan Wake and Max Payne, we're also expected a huge treat gameplay wise.

And the best news? next gen is just getting started.

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But they cost around the same, when you buy the external 2TB drive on the X1 it means you don't have to throw away the 500GB internal hard drive.

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