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nirwanda have you ever put a pc game down to its lowest settings

its way below what any console can output

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what about sucker punch why do they not get credit for infamous 2

and guerilla games

dice are also pushing it although to what degree is unknown due to the way they are making the game which is completely opposite of what guerrilla games did

GG=post processing on spu while rsx did everything else
dice=doing post processing on gpu while spu does mostly everything else

and polyphony digital did an amazing job

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they didnt focus on graphics

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dev team must of helped to off set cost can you imagine payin 1000 different people not on dev team to voice act

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take two

stocks dropped by almost 50 percent from 2008-2009

from then 25 dolalrs to now 14 dollars

they have

2,048,650 shares on the market

take two revenue in 2009 was close to 1 billion and even with that they still werent able to enter profitability

Ea's offer in 2007 was 2 billion which i think is a lie since EA is worth worth 3 biliion but as i said this is before take twos stock p...

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Damn xtreampro_REVENGE! , nickjkl was only asking for a sauce you didnt have to attack hm/her like that.

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i see interesting

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we say

January twenty eighth 2011

instead of

twenty eighth of November 2011

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i thought we came to the conclusion tht you have to level up more before you get high damage

but nope the idiots commenting on this very article still dont understand that

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wait is that all you did at least go to sodium for a few minutes

then they have the red bull air mini game

both the one where you fly and the one where you try to launch weird shaped planes the farthest

do you judge things that dast goto one place and if thats not good just stamp it a waste of money

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no the towns were never planned wth does towns have to do with anything towns dont make a game if it takes towns for you to enjoy a game then somethings wrong ebcause theonly thing towns did in older final fantasy was a place to shop and continue on your quest

want proof look at the story

its about 5 people on the run from a society not a group a society that would rather kill them than anything

70 percent of cocoon would prefer to purge purg...

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if you disagreed with that you obviously dont know anything about rendering a game

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woah woah waoh neckbear whats with all the weaboo

dont mix english and japanese like its a language use either english or japanese

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the 3d thing so far

cell procesor has the capability of relieving the gpu of processes making the gpu capable of far more


cpu does cpu
gpu does gpu

3d is apparently gpu heavy so put enough load on the spus and you might have enough lee way to run what you need ran on the gpu without any cutbacks

360 on the other hand cut back on some gpu tasks and i...

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obviously doesnt know what on rails means last i checked when on rails you have no control of speed or direction i know ive been on a real life on rail shooter and it was fun when i was 7 at disney world or was it land the one in florida

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saying 1 million times better is just being delusional unless 1 million shrunk in quanity since ive been in school

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except it has been proven the saboteur does not use mlaa

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oh king you discovered the next mag glc or mag 2 game mode which could destroy all other zombie games if done right

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lets see the amount of online games the amount of games that use trophys = a bunch of gimped games its like haveing a 360 without gold

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some one failed literature

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