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Did people climb out of MS A** when they had RROD and other issues and breaches? We all know the answer

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Yes blame him for his account being hacked due to poor security protocols by Sony.

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The biggest threat IMO is Identity Theft with all that personal data compromised. Sony taking so long to reveal personal data lost is the most troubling issue.

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Here's what Sony UK indicates was exposed:

Shipping address
Billing address
E-mail address
PSN/Qriocity ID
PSN/Qriocity password
PSN/Qriocity security question and answer
Purchase history

Including credit Card information to go along with it.
And the writer of this article wants us to give Sony a break?

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It's what they CAN do with that information in the near future. Identity Theft is one of them. Its worse than someone running up your credit cards.
This is what most people on this site seem to be missing.


This is a serious issue and I find it disturbing that so many on this site ar...

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"6)Your details are fine. Sony brought PSN down as soon as they became aware."

And HOW do you know our details are fine? The fact of the matter is PERSONAL and FINANCIAL information has been compromised and you're trying to tell us: "5)stop over reacting."

Are you serious? People are SHOULD NOT OVER REACT to having their personal/sensitive information stolen?

You know how Sony SCREWED ...

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Accounts compromised unfortunately happen all the time in this day and age, but the real problem here is the fact Sony WAITED one week to tell its subscribers that their accounts WERE compromised. Thats the real problem.
What the hell was Sony thinking NOT to inform users about this when it happened...and waited almost a full week to do so. That's plain wrong.

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When your personal and credit card information is at risk, it's not being a drama queen. This has become quite serious whether you want to admit it or not...and tell the person who has his/her information compromised its not a big deal and move on....would you be saying this if someone stole your money/information etc?

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"Compounding this concern is the troubling lack of notification from Sony about the nature of the data breach. Although the breach occurred nearly a week ago, Sony has not notified customers of the intrusion, or provided information that is vital to allowing individuals to protect themselves from identity theft, such as informing users whether their personal or financial information may have been compromised."

This is the biggest issue of all. The lack of informatio...

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And so it begins

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Oh God more of these pointless articles

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"If Sony was just to tell the PlayStation community what has happened, that would surely put minds at rest."

I think this is the major issue here. Sony has been so quiet on this issue when it first transpired. Sony should have come out and gave ANY statement to what was happening or not happening. Instead they have been quiet for quite some time during this ordeal and so many rumors are floating around now it's ridiculous. Sony being quiet on this is not helping...

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No game is worth $60 to be honest

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The Wii2 has to launch at a $300 price point in order to be successful.

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You know XBL was never down for 2 weeks. Why is everyone saying this? How short memories most of you have on N4G.COM...Moreover it was not completely down.

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If this console has the rumored specs as seen and launched at an affordable price point, you can be damn sure MS and Sony won't wait until late 2013 or 2014 to release their next console. They will have to respond. Letting a console twice as powerful POSSIBLY (or the very least run 1080p games above 40fps using real AA and other graphical features the other consoles struggle to do) have free reign for almost two years? Should be interesting when the full details come out.


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This franchise needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL.

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People. The site is a SATIRE SITE. The stories are FAKE. LOL

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