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At last, I haven't heard a mention of FC2 in a long long time! I absolutely LOVED FC2 when it came out. The interactive environment and lush sunscapes of Africa were awesome-sauce. The bush-fire mechanic also kept you on your toes! Would love to see all of this functionality back again.

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AND the AV receivers. My Sony DN860 refuses to play ball. I've had to bypass it and give up ARC'ing

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He likes the purple-ness.

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Sony DN860 AV receiver and Sony X83 TV: all 4k, all HDCP 2.2 and all premium cables. Complete fail. After a weekend of throwing s**t all around the lounge, the PS4 continues to advise HDCP 1.4. SOLUTION: Bypass AV receiver. HDMI direct to TV and optical cable for sound to AV receiver. ARC for both audio and video refuses to work. I now have 2160 RGB or YUV

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And UK have about 6 pieces of poo.Outrageous oversight of late. Fear not, Bloodbourne is here. Less staring, more gaming ;-)

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I'd so laugh if CK filed a complaint lol. This loyalty crap is getting ridiculous; companies fight over consumers like we're voiceless scraps for the taking. Alas money and greed! We all love game'age, let's all be friends *Group hug and whale music.

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Haven't blatted BLOPS2 yet and will wait for Xmas. Halo 4 is too much fun. Of course COD will sell by its zombie trillions but at the end of the day, you're comparing chalk and cheese here IMO. Love both games for their individual excellence.

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Looks great but I hope they all "feel" different to fight against. Quite a lot of these look like "spray and strafe" enemies. However that's quite a subjective comment from just photos. Looking good though.

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It's nice to see I'm not the only one. Me and my mate used to email each other at work when this beloved game was out. It was fresh, it's was beautiful, it was visual Prozac. Totally refreshing in fact. Yes the fighting sequences sometimes made you restart a thousand times, but only if I recall because some checkpoints left me caught in killer loops (one particular in an underground car park!). Apart from that, I was in love from start to finish. The difference with this game (lik...

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This move has the potential of giving fanboys multi-personality affliction disorder. can you imagine the confusion of feeling excited and dirty...all at once - Oooh I like the sound of that, bring it!

I'm sick of the battle to be honest. The whole world are sueing each other all the time, it's all pretty archaic if you ask me. And who loses out...the consumer.

Wipe that smug smile off Rip off Apple. Woop!

Long live SonySoft, or is ...

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Agreed, unless they're Skyrim, RedDead etc etc.

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Note the photograph for this article. See how the dashboard looks colourful, 3D and easy to navigate. Alas; the old look! Kinect - You ruined my pretty XMB style dash :o( Looking forward to IE though. Pray for ability to type web address using smart phone app....

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XIII was good good good!

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No you're not, you beat me to it! XIII (or "thirteen" if roman numerals don't tickle your fancy), was quite groundbreaking looks-wise if I remember rightly. It was of course back in the day - 2003. I blatted in on the Xbox. Let down a bit with gameplay but like Jet Set it was very unique. Ze French people at Ubisoft Paree did a good effort.

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Like I'd value anything that [email protected] would say about gaming ;o) But yes, it looks pretty damn fantastic. Let's hope that the storyline matches the current excitement and anticipation!

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Bearing in mind that most triple A titles last about 6 hours, I hope that there is some justice in the world. Oblivion was unbelievable value for money and oh my god Bethesda have done it again! I spend hours just walking and admiring the landscape like a National Trust fart. As for this map, you absolute LEGENDS! AND it's olde worlde; this bad boy is going on the wall of my study. Pants explosion spell +50pts mess in 2 metre radius.

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I have just lost everything by deleting the game from my hard drive on 360 cos of the texture issue. I am SO F'ING ANGRY. Bethesda/MS you f'ing c***s

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£39.99 Asda job done!

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I wish I knew about the lack of directional button 8no hot keys. I'm still struggling to use the skyrim layout. Oblivion spell and weapon shortcuts was my life lol. Up was health, right was fireball, left was night vision, top left was detect life, bottom left invisible etc. within 2 seconds you were primed for any situation. I really miss this :o( how's everyone else getting on.

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