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Does anyone know if this will have quest mode? Or if we will be able to rank our characters up like in VF5?

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I dunno about amazing, but it's pretty cool all the same.

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Bah Under 15's. I'll be playing this game, I haven't been 15 for a while now!

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Bloody Roar would be ace. Or Killer Instinct.

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There all part of the same Canon, MGS is sequel to MG1 & MG2.

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I loved the SNES, A Link to the past was the first game I ever bought with my own money and I still routinely play it, super mario world and donkey kong country on emulators.

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Me neither, I always try and complete whatever game I'm playing. But I do tend to just play one game at a time. I'd say I finish 90% of the games I start. Though I won't reach 100% completion in most games, just to the ending, or whatnot.

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I think steamworks is kinda cool in the fact that I can buy the retail disk version of whatever game (I much prefer something physical to a digital download), but still have the benefits of using steam for autopatching, achievements and community.

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Alright touchy, just double checking. We already know that the substienence version of MGS3 doesn't include MGO, so by that logic other things might be omitted. And any word if doubt if it includes the 3rd Existence disk of the cutscenes as a movie? (I own the pal edition, I think the NTSC release differs slightly but I'm not sure how?)

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Do you know if we'll be getting all the VR missions & skateboarding mini game from MGS2 Substance? And if MGS3 is the substinence edition, fingers crossed it means we get the improved camera.

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I'm sure I read somewhere that the collection comes with a downloadble code for MGS1 from the PSN store. (If you get the PS3 collection obvs.) Don't hold me too it, but I do seem to remember reading that somewhere.

Edit: Just saw that you said you didn't have a PS3.

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Sh*t article. Fighting games rock, hack & slash games rock. Music games I don't really care about.

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I could never get into Gears, borrowed off a mate years ago (Number 1) I thought it was alright but nothing special, then I dunno what happened, if my savegame was glitched or the disk was scratched or something, but you know the bit where you have to run from light to light because those bat things attack you in the dark, well when I reached a certain point, just before you use the spotlight, even if I was in a light area I would just get attacked and die anyway. I got so frustrated I gave t...

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Yeah I agree, I love the disguise system, its always been an interesting take on stealth.

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Looks like amazing fun! I'm gonna be keeping my eye on this. I've missed the first 2 Saint's Rows, but I'm definitely interested in the series after seeing how much fun this looks.

Also for those who slate GTA4, sure it didn't have the scale of say SA, and maybe you couldn't do as much as you could in past games. But it was still a bloody fantastic game and I still had/have great fun playing it!

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I dunno man. Modern Warfare 1, was just a fantastic all round great game anyway you look at it.

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One of the best articles I've ever read on N4G, I'm gonna keep and eye on this website.

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He said that DA:Origins (As in DA1) was in a similar vain to old school RPGs. Not DA2.

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You say that, but I bet you that The Witcher 2 won't be appreciated by the average xbox gamer.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't China got something like this? Intense internet and information censorship. I really hate the thought of that.

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