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Visceral were very cheeky there. Can't wait to see what they've been cooking.

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This was a very comedic piece that acted as a catharsis to some of my less than great experiences I've had with Square games.

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Ocarina of Time didn't come out this decade.

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This is a well-created list, it appears that they spent a lot of effort on it. However, where's Crackdown?

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I think that new franchises in the genre need to be created if we are going to see a significant change and evolution in the core mechanics of a fighter, but creativity is being stifled by marketing, brand awareness, and over-hyping.

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Not a bad article, fighters are getting a lot more technical these days and with tastes so diverse it's difficult to speak to all types of fans.

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I'm intrigued at being able to create my own songs, but the fact that you can't record lyrics is pretty disappointing.

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