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R and D normally starts as soon as the current console is released.

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They too busy scouring the net on developments regarding a certain acquisition to actually read.

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But of course Sony and MS are two variables on opposite side of the continuum. The one releases critically acclaimed games and the other…well…

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Hate to burst your bubble but my money is on Spider-Man

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IGN hanging on to those MS teats. Other previews are not as IGN are making things out to be.

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Let’s all wait for the reviews shall we? I have a feeling it will be Zelda with Final Fantasy 16 being nominated but winning a few categories here and there. Spider-Man as well.

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In an alternate reality lol.

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I genuinely grinned when I read this headline.

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Going to try it for myself and see.

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I’m also an old school turn based guy but I’m going to give it a chance as I initially bitched when they first announced FF7 remakes battle system. Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised so I’m giving this game a chance out of the gates.

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Were you foaming at the mouth when you typed this? Is your keyboard ok?

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Phil is to gaming what Micheal Patcher is to market analytics…

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The flip flopping. You guys are really hilarious.

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The so called amount of hypocrites are typically representative of the amount of people who chose to buy a ps5 over a series console. Get used to getting 8 disagrees for every agree.
Besides that the amount of trash being spouted by the MS supporters deserve all these disagrees.
Whether you like it or not the trade commissions will take this scenario into account.

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Excellent. Always online has no place in a single player game.

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Lol I would be right there with you. I replayed the crap out of Episode Duscae and the Carbuncle demo.

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Put in 118 hours in the base game, if HZD Frozen Wilds dlc is anything to go by, 20 dollars for this is worth it.

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New pay masters

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Yes this would be ok too, but then with lower degrades on the weapons.

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Three more months

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