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well persona was never really a spin off series. was only a spin off series outside japan in name only

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I agreed, but I guess we shouldnt judge without watching any of her vids or streams.

Though it is obvious that anyone similar to her will have to be against feminists to keep their fans and maybe attract more.

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Still got to play Digimon, got this game and persona 5 is this year as well right?
please let FFXV be next year.

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There is nothing wrong with PS4 at this moment, but what happens in a few years time?
PS3 was struggling the last 3 or so years with multiplat games.

However, I predicted small iterations this gen so I am not surprised to this kind of news.

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so let me get it right, slim versions of consoles is ok. but slight upgrade versions is a big NO.

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just your circle of friends or maybe age group prefers playstation.

there are xbox gamers out there, it is just rare to find them.

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I guess every japanese video game has cheesy songs

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just ignore those if you played it already.

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dont you have a PS4 already? why do you care about bundles?

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does sunset overdrive have a single player mode? or was that a MP game?

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FFXII had brilliant voice acting especially for that time. Was only let down by the compression.

XI XII and XIV ARR was brilliant.

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I'm expecting 3-4 years development. Just remember it is a Japanese developer who likes all the tiny details and hasn't really been in game development since shenmue 2.

it doesn't have to look look like the witcher/uncharted etc... just as long as its visually appealing and it doesn't suffer from too much frame-rates/graphical glitches.

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super mario and pokemon games art artistically and visually appealing. It does not look ugly or out of place.

There screens, not bad i suppose. but has lots of room for improvement. characters looks a little off, and it visually has some clay/plastic look. I guess it would change once the shaders or lighting effects are tweaked a little though.

However, I think most fans don't really care about how the game looks, they just want to finish Ryo's journe...

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sort of like a situation with miyamoto and zelda going into GC era.
the more detail and polygons he put on the more he didnt really like it( at that time), which is why wind waker happened. or so he says.

I personally think they can learn from the shader and lighting effects from GTA V. good blend between cartoony and realistic.

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too long, won't bother with this.

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any specific reason you bought watch dogs on Xbone instead of PS4?

just curious.

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its a good number considering the competition it had around that time.

Lifetime will probably hit 5-6mil.

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wasnt that last year?

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agreed, but I will pick up DmC. old games framerate on ps3 was just not as good as i wanted it to be.

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have to give props to takehiko inoue and also the dude that wrote those short stories.

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