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What's the point of articles like this? Contradicts himself in the first sentence.

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Don't worry your time will come to claim the crown!

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Oh nice

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If it's 3rd person like in this trailer I'll buy it.

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What rubbish are you speaking about lol. Comparing Disney and ND is the most insane shit I have read.

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Funny how they never mention h1z1, and right now h1z1 is killing it on ps4. Over 10mill downloads on ps4 alone.

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I for one don't really care about cross platform play. Not in one bit. Playstation can keep doing cross with pc on fighting games and mmo and I'm fine with that.

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Hmm might buy one now.

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But the game is kinda ass.. I would understand if it was good but is not. All the site gave it mediocre score. Great job on all three tho on system sales.

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This game is less than a no man sky Xbox version lol. This game was so boring to even see streamers try it the 1st few days before everyone dropped it.

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LeBron chokes to much. Can't be the best player in the world when he can't even get his team to a win in the finals.

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Sony showed Gameplay for exclusives coming only to Playstation. Ms mostly showed multiplatform trailers almost the whole conference.

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But then you also gotta considered what Sony has already brought out this year like God of War ect.. Then we see what Microsoft has brought out this year and that's were the problem comes in.

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Yup I'm loving it. Just needs a option for 3rd person aiming like on pc.

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Worse article I have seen here. Not clicking.

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I'm loving it. Runs smooth on the pro and Gameplay is addictive.

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Loving it so far.

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This game runs 100x better than pubg on Xbox. Pubg on Xbox is a joke even with that new update that came out today.

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Is not Capcom bs, is switch bs. Capcom is not the only company doing this on the switch. Games like these need to be reworked almost completely for the switch.

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