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Microsoft has to be more aggressive and clever like they are doing now for Xbox SX because Sony already has most of the mindshare due to the ps4 success. The Xbox team is doing a way better job with the launch of Series X thanks to Microsoft getting rid of stupid corporate idiots on the Xbox division. Its amazing how many gamers are excited about Xbox again.

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Wish more gamers had this mentality instead of the stupid fanboyism that's harming pro consumer options.

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I agree these games should of been on Xbox

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Microsoft needs these type of games next gen to gain a broader appeal in gaming. Their goal should be to make Xbox SX a global success. I'm glad their Japanese support has been better but more work needs to be done.

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I heard it was not better than Shenmue 1 and 2 at all. Still shocked this game wasn't on all systems for more sales smh.

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Power matters and those who say it doesnt dont buy a next gen system stay on your old system.

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Difference is the 1X didn't launch at the start of the gen it came later when Sony already had the marketshare. If Microsoft launched the 1X at the start of this gen they would of had a way better reaction with gamers.

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Its weird that ps fans want Microsoft to do VR when they hate Xbox. Why do you ps fans care so much about VR it's niche and most Xbox fans do not give a damn about it.

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You ps fans made jokes about Kinect when Microsoft used it now you want them to go to another niche smh.

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Microsoft doesn't need to do anything but make sure those new studios are pumping out classic new ips. VR is not doing anything in the market for Microsoft to focus on that niche.

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Surprised about this announcement. Jim Ryan seems like he is testing the waters with ps being more multiplat next gen.

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I can't wait to see how ps5 looks compared to the Series X. I wonder if it will have a unique design or stick with the traditional console apperance.

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Well Microsoft are doing better with asian support right now but they still need more relations with japanese devs if the Xbox wants to become global and change the perception that Xbox is just a US console which is not true.

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Man that's young and she was very pretty. Rip lady

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Future is very very bright.And with the lessons learned this gen they are a way better company compared to their old management. Series X will be a powerhouse console.

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Will they bring it to Xbox.

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The talent this studio is acquiring is insane. The Initiative will be Microsoft's answer to Sonys Naugthy Dog.

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