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JRPG's are the worst games out there. And annime is a joke! Rpg's are fine just don't give me that boring turned based crap its easy and boring. I would like to see more adventure games.

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I saw a kid at walmart the other day wearing a CODMW shirt and just started laughing. Not just because he was wearing the shirt but he fit the stero type to a T. Overweight kid with glasses doesn't even comb his hair. Thinking to myself is this who i game with online??

Video game shirts you can keep them.

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you xbox fanboys act like your at church and and ms is passing the basket around and you put your money in it for no good reason other than your a sheep.

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"only people that are lazy pay $50 anyway"
but paying 40 is ok? I don't think it makes you lazy to pay. Just makes you STUPID! Paying to play a game online is a joke. Everyone else is free.

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People on this site crack me up! When the scores are low everyone says reviewers suck and you should play the game for yourself to judge. When the reviews are good 9's and 10's everyone says AAA title day 1. Same damn thing all the time.

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Killzone 3 and Rage look amazing.
The thing that I want to see is if rage can capture what killzone 2 did as far as what was going on onscreen, the atmosphere, and sound. If it can we have 2 great games.

side note- I know games are mostly gameplay and visuals but the surround sound on Killzone 2 was amazing.

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I agree hope there is an option to just leave it in 3rd person.

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I tried to get into bioshock I liked how it was original and new but that wore off after awhile didn't finish the first. The new game does look promising.

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Please gamer2010 its funny how you have to say "all things considered"

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Please gamer2010 it is funny how you have to say "all things considered"

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All the dlc COD maps should work for the new COD. I have only got one map pack for COD4 and one for [email protected] but think that they should be playable on the new game. Kinda how you can play rock band 1 songs with rock band 2.

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I have had the YLOD and did the reflow myself. The fix cost me $25 for a heat gun at ace. The process is very simple. I did it about six months ago and all is well (knock on wood).

original 60 gig fat

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Give me Bosh and Wade! Hawks Stanley Cup. Bulls NBA Champs!

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just stop pressing O and it will go to the cutscene you can pound away on Zues for as long as you want. No glitch.

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Finally got it from gamefly last week. Hot Damn that game is amazing. I think I will click the keep it button!

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Already do this with Play On. On my ps3. nice to have.

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agree if I didn't have kids I wouldn't have one either. Does make a good netflix device for the kids room.

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So Tuesday is a feature???

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Is this the British version of Hiphop gamer?

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My PS3 fat 60 gig has YLOD fixed it for $25 the price of a heat gun. Kids Wii put circle scratches on 2 games they fixed the Wii and replaced both games for free.

@Darkride same thing happened to my fat ps2 fixed it with a screw driver.

The internet has saved me some money on repairs.

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