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Trump is getting stuff done. Is he perfect not even close but it's about time someone in office is doing right by America instead of bending over.

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The Iron Giant also for obvios reasons.

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Well for xbox is a necessity hell what else are you going to play

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I've been around for 8.5 years not sure why pretty much the same old garbage. Guess I'm just hoping to see new game info but usually get crap.

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Try reading i said its hard to read not that i can't.

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Have a pro and a 65 inch 4k and 20/20 vision and its hard to see the text.

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Answer the one that plays God of War

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Go away i don't care about fanboys either way.

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They sure will. I remember the good old days when maps where made by the community. Unreal tournament had so many maps and mods and they were free. Same with half life.

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The title is wrong. Aaron Kuafman thinks God of War will make you a better dad. Not Sony. What one person thinks doesn't equal what company thinks.

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Thanks to Sony I'm a three sport athlete, also a better robot dinosaur hunter, but can't wait to become a better spider man.

Oh yeah and a better dad. Thanks Sony

But wait i also played GTA what does that make me........

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Maybe Phil hasn't

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I tried to play re 1 and it didn't age well at all. Some games are better left remembered.

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Wrong best multiplayer was the first best single player was the third.
2 was a mess only thing fun was coop

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No to sunset 2 give me a new Resistance

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Don't sell your old system. The game was made for that system. That was what was sold to you. Would it be nice to have sure but not agame changer.

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Sorry but games are my escape. If politics are going to be part of games I'll quit gaming. Fanboys and console wars are bad enogh and you want politics. WOW! Honestly it's in our faces all the time now games are abreak from that. Terrible idea.

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Why not have both. Cheaper price for discless.

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God of war looks better on...... oh wait man haha

But yeah Doom looks better on x.

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Or headline should read. Money Grab for people pretending to care about other os when they never used it.

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