Waiting for PS4.


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Are you sure you press the media button? Until I press that button, the videos are indeed mute. (Edit: Up button, like Bathyj said)

But god damn, they should be higher quality and 60fps supported. 60fps games look like shit on 30fps video.

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Even if 1% of those "devs" make an actual game in the next year, that's 55K games. I'm wondering about the shovelware ratio.

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@irishyort Use a teleporter!

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Wrong post, sorry.

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I'm expecting quite many delays of different games, totally unrelated to the PS4 Neo.

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May he rest in peace. Any news on the cause of death?

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Don't like this either. Devs will neither fully make use of PS4k, nor the PS4. Something in between, where no owner of any console would get an experienced fully optimized to his console. I won't be buying the PS4K, but I'll be pissed if it provides anything more than 4k media capabilities and non-game performance related enhancement (4k 60fps hdmi output, better wi-fi, back port usb etc, all welcome. But I want all future PS4 games to perform the same, so I don't want to be f...

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Andrew, there are people that claim downgraded graphics not from the reveal, but from the E3 live gameplay demo (the usual delusional Xbox secret sauce guys in their respective forums). The old one doesn't have motion blur so these claim worse textures and simpler lod models (as that's a heavy-action scene, some parts are blurred and it looks much better in motion than in a still frame), and worse lighting (because the lighting changed) etc.

But of course there's ...

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It's not a pacifist run, but that's the best way to beat the game without personally killing anyone, as best as the game allowed.

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LukeJR, I don't think Coffee can go much higher than the boiling point of water (it would be slightly higher, but not by 16 degrees), unless under pressurized conditions.

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@moldybread , your comment is as awful and stale as a moldy bread.

Withstanding these attacks take resources away from the actual service, increase costs, which is indirectly passed to consumers. A service that can withstand a malicious attack does not automatically become a good service.

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I'm admiring the amount of informed knowledge about Nostradamus here on N4G.

Like many has pointed, he's only as accurate as how you can match the so called predictions after the fact.

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@Taco: A city full of people looks slightly less detailed in places, to a demo with 3 characters on screen inside an enclosed environment. Congratulations of spotting the difference!

(Btw, the wizard demo which had time constraints for making it to the how was missing dynamic normal mapping for wrinkles, which Beyond Two Souls had, so I'm guessing this one will have it)

Also, here's some rain drops for you guys to enjoy:
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That defeats the purpose of the console. It allows a single spec to target, everyone is on equal footing like djplonker says. It allows me to buy games instead of an upgrade every damn year if companies embraced the cell phone model.

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Unfortunately it may be too late to make the change and have any impact.

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Want to backup that terrabyte hard disk and restore to the new drive? I don't. It takes several hours. You need to have a lot of space laying around. You could use that terrabyte of free external hd space as an extension storage, instead of a backup / restore vessel.

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Video encoded with a potato.

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15 years of work??? How old is she??

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I don't get the joke with "facially correct". This is just a bad UV mapped texture, again, I don't get it if it's supposed to be funny.

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On Rotr, they have devised a method for snow transformation, while very crude as an approximation, it does the job well I think. They were to present their solution as far as I remember.

I think it looks the part, did Uncharted 2 tackle very deep snow?

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