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Yes you're right. Most of the 360 screenies I've seen suck because of these issues... The lack of anisotropic filtering has a similar effect as low-res textures, it makes the image look really old. My 9700 does 8xAF practically for free, so why can't the 360's ATI card do the same?

Maybe the 360 targets kids who don't appreciate the finer details of graphics technology...

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Yes I agree. I have a 3-year-old ATI Radeon 9700 and I think I play games with better quality than the XBOX360 screenshots I've seen so far... not to mention I always use FSAA. Maybe I have to play them at around 22 FPS and not 40, but as I said I'm a graphics quality enthusiast and I'm willing to live with 22 FPS for the quality.

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The thing is that an "upgradable" market such as the PC is evolving constantly. For example, ATI and NVIDIA release new, more powerful video cards every year (sometimes twice a year).

In the PS3's first (appearance?) in E3 2005 NVIDIA's CEO said the RSX "Reality Synthesizer" (what a cheap marketing strategy...) was as powerful as 2 (two) GeForce 6800 cards. Well, today you have the 7950GX2 available for the PC which is (roughly) 4 times as powerful as a sing...

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