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i bought the battery pack on day one, so mines doesn't rely on batteries.

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no it wouldn't! xbox fans are for the hardcore and bk is far from hardcore.

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im so ready for the next chapter of halo. it's my favorite ip of all times.

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@ DanteVFenris666

that's good to hear, but i'll pass. they didn't want xbox fans to have it in the beginning and i don't want it now. don't try to give me the crap leftovers that even the ps fans didn't even want! now i could understand if it was something amazing then it would probably get a pass, but one group has already passed on this crap and so will i. so again i say.... the ps fans can keep this crap!!! please don't do us any favors!!!

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as a long time xbox fan i say, ps fans can keep this one!!!

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i love horde games, so this one is a must have for me

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will every game on this collection have online play? this is the only question i care about with this game.

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the negative comments are coming from fear. ive always said that this is why fanboys don't like ms. it's not because they're incapable of doing a good job in gaming. it's because they fear the money, intelligence, and the power that they have. ms is the only company that literally has the money, intelligence and the power to buy everything good in gaming and for fanboys who feel like it's a sin to buy anything other than they're platform of choice, sees this as potenti...

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let's see what that booty do :-D lol

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i agree 100% ive got an xbox one x and i will be playing it there.

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i knew this would happen the moment they were announced as multiplats. lol. not a knock, but i't just the nature of the gamer and the different platforms. xbox gamers main choice of games to play are multiplayer games that are shooters and racers and playstation gamers main games of choice are single player games that are single player style of games like rpg's, action adventure, and puzzle.

shooters do better on xbox because it's the shooter box and adventure d...

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why wasn't this said and drilled when ps4 had the power lead over the xbox one? seems rather hypocritical :-/

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these are older games, so im thinking that both x1x and ps4p should be doing this game in 4k. i don't see why they both couldn't. if not, then someone at capcom should be fired!!!

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i most def will be getting this and playing it on my xbox one x with my elite controller :-)

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@ Rude-ro

ps4 pro is sony's 3rd iteration of the ps4 as well, so they're even

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@ darthv72

more games or more exclusive games? last i checked, assassins creed, battlefield 1 titanfall 2, call of duty wwII, and many more where all games. so please be clear when you say that the xbox one x needs games so you don't push off rhetoric to the simple minded readers.

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well let's hope that they don't treat EA for actually doing something that's anti-consumer like they did microsoft's xbox one for just thinking of doing something that never happened. this would be a bit much and the industry can't keep taking these kind of hatred hits. i don't like paying to progress, but ultimately it's up to the consumer to buy it. no gun will be put to your head to make you buy it.


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im so glad to hear this. different games from the devs that we already know, love, and respect. im ready to see what they all have in store :-)

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@ AngelicIceDiamond

that's not a die hard gamer. that's a die hard fanboy! a gamer doesn't have any limits of where he or she can or will play. a true gamer will own all consoles and play all games that interest them on those games (interest can be game play, visuals, performance, or anything). like myself for instance, i prefer the xbox brand, but i also own a pc, ps4, and soon to own a nintendo switch on this black friday. im a gamer and i refuse to restrict m...

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